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Do You Burn Calories Riding An Electric Skateboard?


Electric skateboarding is very easy to learn ride quality and balance. It usually takes 5 minutes to grasp the handle of an electric skateboard and understand its adaptive behavior. Many people are looking for ways to avoid walking and other activities and are looking for alternative transportation solutions. But can you really burn calories and lose weight on an electric skateboard? Let’s check!

So does riding electric skateboard burn calories? While standing on the board, use your feet to balance and use your brain to think and avoid obstacles. Therefore, your body needs to burn about 50 to 100 calories an hour to stand on the balance board.

Today, many people around the world have the problem of being overweight. That’s a big problem. Therefore, more and more people are trying to find the easiest way to get from point A to point B with as little effort as possible. With the advent of electric cars, this is exactly what happened. So people are looking for new ways to lose weight, and one of them is electric

Can I lose weight with an electric skateboard?

When you ride an electric skateboard, your body uses your feet and the energy from your feet to balance. 

When your feet are tense to keep your balanced, your brain also uses energy to focus. Long rides tire your feet and ankles, and your muscles are clearly visible, which consumes a lot of energy to maintain stability. Therefore, the combination of feet and thoughts helps to burn calories. However, it is a very small consumption and does not give any visible results in the long run.

The human brain consumes an unusually large amount of energy, even in relatively resting and sleeping states. This is 16 times the muscle tissue (per unit mass). At the same time, one of the most energy-consuming operations is attention. The more difficult the task, the more energy your brain needs and the more calories you burn. If you are relaxed while riding, you will not burn many calories. The average e-skate ride uses the brain to burn about 50 calories.

One cannot maintain a consistently high level of attention for more than 20-25 minutes. During this time, the brain “eats” the same amount of glucose that it did not eat on a relatively resting day. During the day, our gray matter uses about 320 calories just to think.

Electric Skateboards and Skateboards-Differences

When riding an electric skateboard, it burns far fewer calories than a regular. Given that electric motors do all the work for you, you’re not doing much other than controlling speed and the way you want to go. It’s not an exercise. But with a little more thought, you can find some ways to burn calories while riding. 

When you ride a skateboard, you need to:

Monitor and avoid obstacles

Be careful and avoid vehicles

Maintain balance while driving

Take care of yourself with others

Does Weight Make a Difference To Electric Skateboards?

 People who are heavy have a big impact on the performance of the same skateboard. Therefore, when a heavy person rides on it, the performance such as cruising range, speed, and braking will be greatly felt. When choosing an electric, check the maximum weight limits for the models listed to help you choose the best skate for you.

Riding electric skates once a day is good for your health

If you buy a smartwatch or bracelet that measures calorie consumption, you will find that riding an electric is very beneficial to your health and heart. You can measure your energy and physical activity on a regular basis for a specific period of time. Through this information, you can know exactly how many calories you burned while riding electricity.

Factors that depend on the number of calories burned are weight, height, and time spent. You can also balance flexibility with an electric skateboard. This is a useful skill.

Electric skateboard strengthens muscles

Performing various tricks on a regular skateboard requires some fitness. This is achieved with more exercise. Of course, it basically strengthens the calves and thighs. However, the torso, gluteal muscles, and major muscles of the hamstrings are also loaded. Electric skateboards are no exception. When using an electric skateboard, you need to use your legs intensively to maintain balance, just like a regular skateboard, except that you don’t do any tricks.

It has had such an effect for a long time. Because it allows you to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts, and performing tricks raises self-confidence, self-esteem, and consequent mood. Skateboarding requires good balance, coordination, and the ability to control the body. You also need flexibility and mobility.

In conclusion, electric burn calories and help promote weight loss, but they don’t work as hard as they do when skateboarding, so it takes longer to lose the weight you need. However, please consider other things

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