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How to Wear a Suit Jacket the Right Way


Looking your best is important; but these days, with clothing jackets standards dropping far below what they once were, many men don’t actually know how to dress when the occasion calls for it.

They might be able to get a jacket and suit from the store, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually know how to wear it properly. Learning how to wear a suit jacket the right way is a skill that just about any man worth his salt should work to pick up.

Wearing a suit jacket might not come naturally to everyone; but, with a few helpful pointers, you should be able to rock one just like any Hollywood A-lister. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

The Importance of Proper Suit Wear

Many people feel as if they shouldn’t have to get caught up in the details when it comes to their formal wear. However, there are many reasons why taking the time to ensure you’re wearing your suit jacket right is important.

It sends a signal to others. While not everyone you come into contact with will be able to tell if you’re wearing your suit right or not, those that understand it will appreciate your effort.

In fact, you’ll be able to join something of a secret club of those ‘in the know,’ who are familiar with such matters. It’s an easy way to gain the respect of those around you.

In addition to this perk, the suit will look better on you when worn right. A suit buttoned up right cuts a cleaner silhouette, and you will look your best if you wear your suit jacket as it was intended.

There are all sorts of suits out there, and it’s important to remember that what may work for one suit jacket might not work for another. With as wide of a variety as there is at retailers such as, there are bound to be some differences.

However, there are some general rules that will typically hold true.

Besides, the whole point of dressing up and hitting the town in your formal wear is to look as sharp as possible, isn’t it? You’ll want to ensure you understand how best to wear your suit by understanding the below tips.

Proper Buttoning for a Suit Jacket

One area where even those more accustomed to dressing up make some mistakes? Proper buttoning. It’s easy to get confused about what to do with those buttons on the bottom of your suit jacket, especially as tradition dictates different expectations depending on what kind of jacket you have on.

If you have a jacket with only one button, there is an expectation that this jacket will always be buttoned when you are standing. One-button jackets are built to be a bit longer than other suits, so keeping them buttoned helps to keep a proper visual proportion in place.

However, when sitting down, it’s acceptable to unbutton that button. In fact, it’s preferable, as it means you won’t crease your jacket.

A two-button jacket, on the other hand, can be a bit different. It’s tradition to fasten the upper button on the jacket but keep the lower button unbuttoned. Simple enough?

Buttoning the top button achieves the same ideal look as with a one-button jacket. However, buttoning the bottom button will look unflattering as it will fit strange and tight around your hips. It will also seem like you don’t know what you’re doing!

If you have a three-button suit, the same rules apply from above. The additional upper button is optional, and you can button it depending on your own preference. Just make sure to keep the lower button unfastened.

Other Suit Button Rules

While buttoning your jacket properly will be one of the most important elements in ensuring a proper fit, it isn’t the only thing you’ll need to keep in mind when getting dressed before a big event.

Some other rules can be important to keep in mind as well.

Picking out a proper belt is a big area where some novices might make mistakes. The belt you match with your suit should be thin and it should match the color of your shoes. Wearing a belt that is an opposing color to your footwear is going to clash.

It’s actually one of the biggest faux pas you can do in the world of men’s fashion.

Picking out the right tie is another big challenge. Your tie should be darker than the dress shirt you wear underneath it, but not darker than the color of your jacket. If you’re wearing a tie bar, it should not be wider than the actual width of the tie itself.

The width of the tie in question? It should be more or less the width of your lapel. The length of the tie should reach just about down to the waistband of your trousers. If it touches the top of your belt buckle, you’ve done a proper job.

If you decide to wear a vest with your suit, maintain the buttoning rules from above. Never button the bottom button of a vest. You’re likely to create an unflattering appearance and you will be out of line with accepted norms.

How to Wear a Suit Jacket

If you’ve got a big event on the horizon, it’s about time you start learning how to wear a suit jacket. Many men don’t understand how to properly get dressed in formal wear, but the above advice can help to ensure that you’re looking your best before leaving the house.

Need more fashion advice and information? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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