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Do You Need To Update Your Car for the Winter?


Old man, winter is already here, and he means business. Waiting until you’re stuck on the side of the road in the middle of heavy snowfall to double-check the winter kit for your car is not the best idea. Instead, take the time to upgrade your car for the winter right now. With just a few tweaks and additions, your car will be a welcome safe zone should you encounter inclement weather or hazardous road conditions. Find out how to winter-proof your car and learn tips on making safety decisions. 

Making Your Car Winter-Proof

Building a winter safety kit doesn’t involve a hammer and nails. All you have to do is swing into your trusted auto parts store and grab a few supplies for what to keep in your car during winter. Ideally, you would already have your winter kit ready and in the back of your car by now, but late is better than never. 

To winter-proof your car, you need items that will help you stay safe if you are stranded and waiting for help or attempting to get out of a jam yourself. These materials take up little space but can make all the difference in being stuck on the side of the road or being well on your way home to warmer temperatures. 

  • Basic tool kit
  • Blanket 
  • Bag of sand or kitty litter
  • Flares
  • Flashlight
  • Extra winter clothing 
  • Snow chains 
  • Extra windshield wiper fluid and coolant

Pro Tip: The Best Time To Install Your Chains

Unless you are skilled in applying snow chains to your car, you should put them on before heavy snow has fallen. If your vehicle is secured in a garage and you know that you have to go out, you can wait until you are ready to leave to put the chains on the tires. Four-wheel drive vehicles require chains on all four tires for best results, and it’s not a bad idea to do so for all other cars as an added safety measure. 

Pro Tip: The Best Time To Light a Flare 

Keeping flares in your emergency can save your life. In limited visibility now storm, flares are visible if even for their glow in the near darkness. If you are stranded, waiting, or attempting to get unstuck yourself, light at least three flares around your vehicle to alert other drivers of your presence. For maximum visibility and safety, lace flares:

  • 10 feet in front
  • 10 feet behind 
  • 100 feet behind

Pro Tip: When To Turn-Off the Car

Staying warm in the snow and ice is a priority. However, if the snow starts to mount, it may be time to add on your winter safety kit and shut the car off instead. Snow can block the exhaust and cause harmful fumes, so turn the vehicle off and opt for layers instead. 

Staying safe and warm until you get back on the road and on your way home is essential for harsh winter weather. Stop into your trusted auto parts store to pick up the necessary items that will help keep you safe. 

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