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Do’s and Don’ts of HVAC Maintenance All Homeowners Should Know


Since the invention of heating and cooling appliances, we’ve relied on them to filter the air and achieve a comfortable home environment. Because of proper ventilation with the help of these HVAC systems, we can bear extreme weather conditions, improving our productivity in both home and work settings. One of the most vital aspects of enjoying their benefits is purchasing quality HVAC systems and performing proper maintenance procedures.

Since HVAC systems are essentially the lifeblood of every indoor setting, they also require excellent precision and maintenance. Read on to find out what you need to do.

Some of the Must-Do HVAC System Maintenance Tasks

To prevent significant damage and impairment of system operation, here is a checklist you should tick off when you have air conditioners or other refrigerant systems at home:

  1. Change the air or oil filter of your furnace.
  2. Clean the evaporator, condenser, and combustion chamber of the AC system.
  3. Perform an occasional checkup for any duct, refrigerant line, condensate line, and exhaust flue leaks.
  4. Inspect the refrigerant level.
  5. Tighten the fittings for moving parts, such as blower fans and belts.

These basic tasks will not only be applicable to your air conditioning units. You can administer them to your air compressors, such as those you purchased from Mac-Air Compressor LTD., and other piping air systems. Of course, before you can perform the mentioned tasks, you must be confident in conducting them seamlessly to avoid significant damage to the fragile components.

Whether you are qualified to conduct a DIY maintenance procedure or need professional assistance, below is a compilation of what you should and shouldn’t do when you have HVAC systems at home. 

HVAC Maintenance: What You Should Do


1. Make sure that the area around your HVAC unit is clean

Whether you have air compressors, air conditioners, and dust collectors with parts from Goyen USA, the area around your HVAC unit must be clean. Remove unnecessary debris, like leaves, sticks, and weeds, especially for the outdoor unit to achieve smooth airflow and avoid system overheating. 

Neglecting the necessary upkeep of your HVAC systems will impair their functions. As a result, they will not properly filter the air or efficiently remove dust or toxic substances. We also recommend that you clean the exterior coil of your unit at least once a year.

2. Set a maintenance schedule when you know your system needs to run harder

Try to set a maintenance schedule whenever you know that your system will be operating harder. For other homeowners, depending on their location, their HVAC system will run harder during the late spring and late fall. However, if you reside in a country with extreme climates, you can schedule maintenance annually.

Overseeing your system’s maintenance will ensure that it won’t break easily when it runs. 

3. Rely on a professional

Although there are basic tasks you are allowed to perform, it may come to the point that you require expert assistance. Aside from specialized tools, professional HVAC contractors can give you sound advice to assure you that your systems will be in tip-top condition. Components of the units may be too delicate to assemble on your own, much less to maintain. If you have trouble with your furnace and inadequate cooling is generated, you may contact experts at for quality HVAC maintenance services.

4. Make your home energy-efficient

If you are not meticulous in checking your home’s energy efficiency, your HVAC systems are sucking out your money before you even know it. Monitoring your energy bills will help you maintain the energy efficiency of your units. By checking the bill regularly, you will notice if there is a sudden increase in the costs, which might be a sign that your system requires maintenance. A sudden increase in the energy costs may also imply issues in the refrigerant levels or a clogged air filter.

In connection to this, you also have to check how fast or slow your cooling or heating systems function. There might be a problem if it’s not giving you the desired temperature. To make sure that you will not worsen underlying issues, contact your HVAC contractor so that they can immediately do an inspection. You might need an upgrade in your window panes or insulation systems.

HVAC Maintenance: What You Shouldn’t Do

1. Don’t put off HVAC maintenance plans

Even though life may present you with multiple tasks that demand your attention, never put off your maintenance schedule. Some homeowners postpone maintenance because their HVAC units do not exhibit signs of leaks and other problems, at least not yet. This is a big no-no, especially when you aim to avoid compromising the capability of your systems.

As a responsible HVAC system owner, be firm in following the maintenance schedules for your HVAC systems. This will not only benefit you in upkeeping your system’s functionality; through this, technicians can detect issues immediately. This way, they can instantly find solutions to resolve any evident and underlying problems.

2. Don’t block the airflow of the unit

Don’t block the airflow by placing anything in front of it, such as furniture, bricks, plants, etc. This will restrict the proper airflow and cause your entire system to run harder than it should, resulting in decreased efficiency or overheating. As a result, you’ll encounter high energy costs.  

3. Don’t forget to replace your air filters

Continuous use can lead to considerable dust, trash, and debris accumulating in your unit. This will compromise indoor air quality and put a strain on your system. It will then suck up excess energy and will increase your utility bills. Your system’s air filter, which keeps debris to a minimum, is one of the major HVAC components that become dirty fast. Due to this, you need to replace it frequently, generally after every 3 months of frequent usage. However, if you have furry pets, we suggest replacing them after every 2 months.

Neglecting the required replacement within this period will result in the air filter failing to function correctly. Consequently, more dust and trash will make their way into your HVAC system.

4. Don’t conduct any maintenance procedure without prior knowledge or experience.

Never attempt anything you know you’re unqualified to perform. Again, there are basic tasks you can accomplish, like cleaning the outdoor units and sweeping away the debris. But when the job comes with technicalities and requires you to open up your HVAC unit, take a pause and review the amount of expertise you have. Do you have proper training in locating the faulty component? Are you experienced in diagnosing HVAC units for any issues? If not, don’t even think about getting that screwdriver and dismantling your units.

An inexperienced person performing this maintenance will impede the HVAC system’s proper function. It will also lead to several costly complications, such as early unit replacement and paying for repair services. Let HVAC experts conduct the maintenance your HVAC units need to avoid costly errors.

Proper maintenance of HVAC systems is critical for every homeowner. This ensures that your systems run smoothly, giving you a high return value for each penny you spend on the unit installation, supply, and annual servicing. You should ensure that the tasks are done with high precision and accuracy, whether you work with a professional contractor or do them yourself (as long as you are qualified). One minor mistake can lead to multiple costly errors, impacting your system’s overall function. To be safe, contact a professional contractor for your HVAC maintenance requirements.

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