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Encouraging Travel-based Learning: How Traveling Improves Analytical Thinking Skills


 When you travel, it puts you in a different environment and allows you to develop new skills. Analytic thinking helps you to assess a situation effectively and make appropriate decisions. For example, you can recognize when something is not working and change course. 

You can step back and see an issue from all angles instead of just seeing it from one perspective. In the workplace, employers value analytic skills. They want to know that you can gather information, see the big picture and make logical decisions. Here’s how travel can improve your analytical skills. 


Develop a big-picture lens

Travel gives you a big-picture lens. You take a step back from your ordinary, daily life and see it from a different perspective. You may have developed tunnel vision from constantly dealing with the routines of your daily life. 

Travel takes you away from your regular routines and comfort long island listcrawler zones. You will inevitably start seeing your life and life as a whole in a different way. Having a broader perspective helps you to develop your analytical skills. You will take more into account when analyzing a situation if you have a broader perspective. 

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Be observant

An important part of being analytical involves being observant and alert. When you travel, you have to be alert at all times. You are forced to think in new ways when you encounter situations you have never been in before. 

You have to pay attention if you don’t want to be taken advantage of by criminals looking for soft targets. You may know what you want to see and do, but the unexpected will inevitably happen. When it does, you need to change gears quickly and decide on the best action to take. 

Build mathematical skills 

Mathematical skills involve solving an equation to reach an answer. As this process is a logical one, improving your math skills can help you with your analytical abilities. The experience of adapting to new cultures and different ways of life can challenge your mathematical skills. 

For example, you need to know the different exchange rates if you want to know how much you’re spending. You have to read maps and follow coordinates to find places. You will need to calculate and compare the costs of different types of accommodation to find out what’s most affordable for you. 

Gain global understanding

Understanding how others interpret the world and process information can help you to develop your analytical skills. Interacting with other cultures while you travel makes you see global issues in a new light. When analyzing situations, you won’t only think about them from your perspective but take the perspectives of others into account. 

The more people from all over the globe you communicate with, the more information you have to fuel your analytical thinking. You can use your analytical skills to connect what you see in front of you to your knowledge about what happens in the wider world. 

Overcome challenges

When you want to combine travel and study, it presents a number of challenges. Solving these challenges, like how to afford all the costs, helps to stretch your mind. Learning something new every day boosts your cognitive abilities. The more you learn, the more information you will have when it comes to analyzing situations. 

You may even want to take an online course to learn more about a subject you aren’t familiar with to help you to overcome a challenge. You will soon start seeing every challenge you come across as an opportunity to grow. 


Travel is a great way to develop as a person and acquire new skills, including analytical skills. Employers value analytical skills in an employee. Your career will benefit from the soft skills you develop while you travel as much as from your hard skills. You will learn how to see the big picture, overcome challenges and gain a global understanding. This will all fuel your analytical thinking and give you an advantage in the workplace. 

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