Expert’s Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring

The biggest, oldest, and one of Australia’s most beautiful cities, Sydney, is located on the country’s beautiful coastline. It is known for its famous landmarks, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera house.

The city is one of the country’s top tourist destinations where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and other fantastic tourist spots. Moreover, Sydney has many romantic areas that are perfect for intimate dates and marriage proposals. From the beach to secret gardens, on top of a bridge, to romantic cabins and restaurants, the city has lots of places to offer where you can take the plunge.

However, before asking the most romantic question every girl would love to hear, make sure that you got her one of the most beautiful engagement rings in Sydney. If not, then you need to do it immediately. Keep reading and you will get some expert tips on how to buy an engagement ring.

Choose the design over the specs

Many factors affect the quality, beauty, and cost of a diamond engagement ring. You can’t compare it to buying a car where you can get almost the same thing, with a few add-ons and options. Each ring has countless options, and each diamond is unique.

Typically, people focus more on quality or the specs of the diamond before choosing the style. A diamond’s quality is based on colour, carat weight, clarity, and cut, also known as the 4Cs. Initially, the 4Cs was used as an educational tool to understand why a diamond is so expensive. They are essential for understanding tradeoffs if you are buying a diamond on a budget.

However, once your future fiancée wears the ring, she will not go around and tell everyone that she has a “VS1 clarity, E colour, thick-girdle, 1.2-carat” diamond ring. Instead, she’ll show off her brilliantly sparkling, beautifully designed engagement ring.

This is why it is best to focus more on finding the perfect style for her instead of the diamond specs. When choosing the right engagement ring style, you may consider the following options:

  • The diamond solitaire is the best choice if your future fiancée is interested in simple but elegant designs.
  • A ring with coloured gemstones or side diamonds is good if she wants an engagement ring with added colours or dazzle.
  • A halo ring is good if she loves diamonds. This ring has a centre diamond that is surrounded by smaller diamonds.
  • If your future fiancée wants something unique, you can buy her an engagement ring with colour diamonds or colour gemstones.
  • A diamond engagement band is perfect if she is not a fan of rings with a large centre diamond.


If you choose a ring with a centre stone or side stones, there are many choices regarding the shape of your diamond or gemstones. Round, oval, and princess shapes are the typical choices. Other shapes are available, such as emerald, pear, marquise, and heart.


Some metals fit your future fiancée’s taste and style. You may consider these metals:

  • Platinum – hard and has a modern look
  • White gold – softer and has a contemporary look
  • Rose gold – unique and romantic
  • Yellow gold – classic and fashionable

These are just some of the factors that you should consider when buying an engagement ring. It is best to find a store that can make custom engagement rings in Sydney, that can create the best design for your fiancée.

By following this simple guide, you must be able to get the best engagement ring for your future fiancée and get the sweetest “YES” from her.

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