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Exploring The Most Loved Mobile Games to Play on Smartphones

Mobile Games

Video games have never been as popular as they are before. If you look to the left or to the right on public transport, at work, or at college, most likely you will see several people playing games on their smartphones and tablets.

More and more users choose a คาสิโนออนไลน์มือถือ or a video game that can be enjoyed on the go without a need to stay at home and purchase expensive equipment. In the paragraphs below, you will find 7 mobile games that have been extremely popular in 2022.

Angry Birds

Players of all ages and nationalities know and love Angry Birds. This game has introduced us to bright and emotional birds which make the time run faster! It is one of the biggest IPs of a decade and its mobile version is considered the best so far. Although players are no longer impressed with a franchise, the following parts of Angry Birds are as popular as the first one. You can play this engaging game for free at any time and place.

Super Mario Run

If you are a fan of the running genre, pay closer attention to the Super Mario Run. It is a variation of the all-time favourite Super Mario game which impresses players with great design and an engaging plot. It was first introduced on Nintendo but a huge interest made developers create a mobile version. The downloads sky-rocked and still have millions of active daily players.  A big number of levels and features make Super Mario Run a great mobile game for anyone.

Sonic Dash

Sonic is one of the most popular games of all time. This fast cartoonish creature allows running numerous levels for ages, unlocking new levels, and gaining one award after another. No matter whether you are 5 or 99, Sonic Dash is an engaging mobile game to play. The huge popularity of this title on Android and iPhone has made Sonic Dash the most popular game of the franchise even bypassing Sonic Colors Ultimate. 

Clash of Clans

Those who like more meaningful games will surely like the Clash of Clans. It combines a beautiful art style and strategic thinking, so every moment in the game will be both challenging and pleasant to the eye. You can play Clash of Clans on your own or with friends and there is no need to spend anything. There is also a separate Clash of Stats website where users get to find players’ history, rankings, and other types of statistics.

Candy Crush Saga

Those who just want to kill time without thinking much should definitely try Candy Crush Saga. It is the most downloaded mobile game of all time – 2,730 million users worldwide have installed it on their smartphones and tablets. Candy Crush Saga is based on the simple Tetris model and your task is to join same-colour candies to collect points. Although the gameplay is rather plain, the colors and diversity of levels make it the top mobile game for players of all ages.

Fruit Ninja

Even if you don’t play mobile games that often, you have surely heard of Fruit Ninja. It is one of the simplest and the most dynamic mobile titles you will ever come across: just swipe your fingers across the screen to cut as many fruits as possible and avoid the explosives. Fruit Ninja also has Virtual Reality and Motion-controlled versions, so there are plenty of options for those who are no longer content with traditional Fruit Ninja.

Temple Run

The next runner on our list is the Temple Run. It is not a new game but will surely impress you with its simplicity and nice design. Especially if you have limited memory space. In the game, users need to guide an adventurer who searches for a gold idol. The temple is filled with dangerous traps and twisted turns. Temple Run already has several spin-offs and book series. Fans of Indiana Jones will surely be thrilled!

The most played mobile games by player count

TitleRelease dateNumber of downloads
Candy Crush SagaApril 12, 20122,730 million
Subway SurfersMay 24, 20122,000 million
PUBG Mobile March 19, 20181,120 million
Pokémon GoDecember 13, 20161,000 million
Mobile Legends: Bang BangNovember 9, 20161,000 million
Garena Free FireNovember 24, 20171,000 million
Clash of ClansAugust 2, 2012500 million
Fruit NinjaApril 21, 2010500 million
Call of Duty: MobileOctober 1, 2019500 million
Among UsJune 15, 2018485 million


Angry Birds, Super Mario, Fruit Ninja, and other mobile games discussed above are constantly developing. New versions are introduced almost every year and together with the latest technologies, we are guaranteed a great pastime. Follow our updates to stay aware of the latest news and trends. And don’t forget to share your favorite mobile games with us!

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