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What Are The Best Pirate-Themed Games?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can learn to speak like a pirate in the 21st century, you’re not alone! While one can definitely head to YouTube or read a book from that period, there’s another (more fun) way available, and that’s through gaming.  

There are a bunch of really incredible and super realistic pirate-themed games out there currently, and they are all entertaining and fun! Is there anything gaming can’t provide? 

From the multiplayer Sea of Thieves to the crowd-favorite Rogue Galaxy, there’s something for every kind of pirate lover. There are even pirates in space! If you play a pirate-themed game, you can be sure that your thirst for adventure on the high seas (or the high space?) will be well and truly quenched once you’ve experienced a game that revolves around pirates.  

So if you want to learn pirate lingo and play the best pirate-themed games right now, read the list below! Try and pick which one stands out to you the most and give it a try. 

Monkey Island 

This is not only a great pirate game, but it’s also a great overall game! The Monkey Island series is probably the most revered game on this list and definitely one of the oldest. A classic point-and-click adventure that cares more about humor than anything else, it also delivers an amazing story that is still producing sequels to this day. This classic will never go out of style and will always be fun! 

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Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag 

Black Flag is definitely the working model for all modern pirate gaming experiences, and it’s certainly used as a reference for every game that takes place on a ship these days. The game has aged surprisingly gracefully, and gaming houses everywhere are eager to reproduce its success. There’s pretty-much zero bad criticism of the game, with fans and critics alike giving it rave reviews. 

Sea of Thieves 

Sea of Thieves is loved and played by many. This multiplayer experience is one of the most modern games on this list, and the island-hopping adventure of it is only topped by its open-seas warfare with other players and NPC opponents. If that sounds like your idea of fun, you’re in the right place! 

The game has been criticized for lacking in content, but it’s definitely a great game regardless and is well worth every gamer’s time for a dip in the salty sea. 


One of the best credits you could give to a game is to compare it to the popular Witcher 3 game. Greedfall has a combat movement system that reminds players of the Witcher 3. Its strong emphasis on narrative storytelling makes it a great adventure looking to hit the open seas and get all the booty their heart desires! 

Rogue Galaxy 

Space pirates! Have you ever heard of anything as cool as space pirates? Probably not. Will you ever hear of anything as cool as space pirates in the future? Probably not. The great thing about space pirates is that they tend to come equipped with advanced technology but retain their identity. And they’re really awesome! 

Rogue Galaxy is a Japanese RPG, which makes it surprisingly unique to this list because you’d usually expect that the vast nature of the seas would make pirates an unwelcome addition to the JRPG genre. Still, without question, Rogue Galaxy proves it can, indeed, be done! 

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Although Sea of Thieves is the undisputed pirate king of crew-based adventure games, if you have an awesome social life, you may find Blackwake more appropriate. It’s very similar to Sea of Thieves based on the concept, but Blackwake is a much more hardcore take on the franchise and gives you the opportunity to play with much bigger crews. If you want a game that will get all your mates involved, this is probably the game for you. 

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 

If the idea of playing games with Lego puts you off, you should reconsider or walk the plank. The Lego franchise is great, and each Lego story retells popular media in a way that reworks it to be funny and unique. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean does that so well. Let’s face it, we all loved the film franchise, and this is just another way to be the Captain of the Black Pearl!


While there are definitely more pirate-themed games in existence, these are most probably the cream of the crop when it comes to popularity and entertainment value. There can never be enough pirates on the sea, and likewise, there can never be enough pirate-themed games on the shelves!  

If you’ve never tried playing a pirate game before, you will do well to consider trying one of the above titles. You never know; your life might just be changed! 

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