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Frieza: 8 Facts You don’t Know About This Evil Emperor Of The Universe


Frieza is one of the main antagonists of our very beloved anime Dragon Ball, and the first appeared in Dragon Ball Z Namek Saga. Famous for his ruthlessness and destructive powers. Did you know Frieza? Frie’za was sent by Beerus to destroy Saiyan’s planet, did you know this fact. In this guide, we’ll be following interesting and shocking facts about Frie’za that you don’t really know.

Frieza has an unparalleled level of cruelty but at the same time has an incredibly good sense of humor and is more civilized than other villains in the dragon ball. He has a vast list of twisted jokes and mocking dialogues for his opponents. Let’s explore what we’ve found incredible about this main antagonist of DB.

Frieza Unbelievable Facts:


Name Inspired From a “Freezer”:

Yes, it’s unbelievable as well as ridiculous that it is named after a freezer. In fact, Toriyama has a visual of the fridge while making him so all his underlings named same as the similar items but that doesn’t affect any of his abilities, it’s just the name.

Frieza is Most Powerful Actually In Original Form:


Frieza is one of the scalawags in the arrangement who has a whole scope of changes, everyone being very not quite the same as the others. It is inferred by Vegeta and Frieza himself in the arrangement that Frieza’s fourth, most impressive structure is really his original form, with the other three being structures that smother and monitor his tremendous force. Frie’za later affirms this while battling the principal hero, Goku. His structures appear to rotate around both western and Japanese ideas of devils.

Frieza Was Sent By Beerus To Kill All Saiyans:


One of the most ruthless and cruel acts of Frieza was committing genocide against the Saiyan race. From this, we can see how merciless this guy was. Even if it was the task appointed by Beerus but Frie’za did it because it makes him happy. Thats what makes him who he is, killing an entire race is nothing for him.

He Purposely Chose Golden For Final Form:


The thing that scares all is Golden Frieza, yeah it’s an incredibly powerful form that went toe to toe with Super Saiyan God Blue Super Saiyan. But the color variation is golden, he did it for the purpose to mock the Saiyans and ultimately Goku. 

Frieza Race Don’t Need To Train :


One of the main things that we learned from Dragon ball from Goku, is then we can achieve anything by hardworking, training, and practice. But the villain keeps getting stronger and stronger. As consider, Majin Buu and Androids, were powerful since their creation. 

Frieza is also a part of the race, that born powerful, he doesn’t have to train in the same way. But forgetting his revenge against Goku, for the first time in his life he decided to train and reach a higher level to defeat Goku that’s when we were introduced to Golden Frieza. He came back stronger than ever.

He Had To Suffer Punishment In Earth’s Hell:

After getting killed by Future Trunks on Earth, He was sent to earth’s hell. Earth hell is considered to be a place that is different for everyone based on what they did. For Frie’za, it was a place like heaven where fairies were singing and dancing happy songs, As we all know how evil he is so this is considered to be one of the best punishments for him. 

He was hanged on a tree in a cocoon from which he can’t get free. While he had to listen to happy songs.

He Learnt to Control Stamina of Golden Form In Hell!:


As previously discussed, his punishment was that he had to listen to happy songs but he did train even covered in a cocoon. That’s what he said when fighting Goku. He said that he was fighting Goku every single day and was predicting Goku’s style of fighting in just his imagination. Later on, he managed to control himself and uses the happy songs torture to control his stamina that’s how Frieza does things.

He Helped Goku In Tournament Of Power Arc:

It seems impossible, that a ruthless warrior doesn’t care even if a whole race gets erased. A Machine with no emotions can be grateful to someone and help him. During the tournament of power, every single moment the scene turned to Frieza, the evil plan could be seen in his eyes. 

That’s what he said before entering that he would kill all Gods but later on, he helped Goku to win and share an amount of power with Goku so that he could get to his feet. He also helped him to defeat Jiren ( A mortal with powers Beyond God Of Destruction ). It can also be seen that what he did, was all for his own interest, as he wanted his life back. 

Frieza Loses His Interest In Seeking Immortality:

In Broly, Frieza additionally uncovers that he no longer looks for interminability, for his involvement with Hell has made him dread the possibility of being left disabled and with no chance to get out. This is curiously enough, one of only a handful few occurrences where Frie’za really gains from his past encounters.

 Also, he requested one of his men to discover how to make a wish with the Dragon Balls of Earth, apparently to maintain a strategic distance from a disappointment like that of Planet Namek, going about as another occasion of Frieza gaining from his past encounters. 

A third occasion can be seen toward the finish of the film, where, in the wake of being crushed, Frie’za chose to simply withdraw from Earth for now instead of danger being executed by Goku (or rather, a combination of Goku and Vegeta). 

Simultaneously, Frie’za is as yet loaded up with vanity. As uncovered by Berryblue, Frieza is delicate about his True structure’s tallness to the point that Frie’za Force troopers have been executed in the past for setting out to call Final Form Frieza short.

 He seems to have a somewhat easygoing relationship with Berryblue and even permits her to remark on his short height without slaughtering her. More to the previous, Frie’za’s instability of his tallness drove him to take the Earth’s Dragon Balls to expand his stature. Simultaneously, esteeming how individuals see him, Frieza won’t return to his more fragile yet taller structures to fulfill his vanity. Much more, Frieza wanted to make a wish for his True Form to just acquire 5 centimeters, to make the fantasy that he was still normally developing while any longer would look unnatural.

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