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Metagross (Gen 3 Pokémon) | Stats, Weakness, and Exciting Abilities, How To Get It?

metagross, metagross moveset
metagross moveset

Metagross smogon is a strong metal crab Pokemon of steel type evolved from the initial form Metang. With its enhanced psychic abilities and move-sets, It can defeat any possible enemy.

In this guide, we’ll review the Metagross abilities, skills, and move-sets.To get to know this amazing pokemon deeper, read this guide to the end.

Metagross Moveset and Weakness:

Following is the detailed information of the Metagross Weakness and Movesets.

Basic Stats:

CategoryPseudo Legendary
AbilitiesClear Body/Light Metal
Buddy Distance5 km
Capture & Flee Rate5%
Max CP3520

All Moves:

Main moveDamageEPSDPS
  Flash Cannon100-3744.4
  Meteor Mash Elite TM100-19.246.2
  Frustration Shadow10-16.55
  Bullet Punch911.112
  Zen Headbutt129.113.1

Weakness and Resistance:

Metagross weakness and Resistance chart is featured below:

Vulnerable to:

Firedeals 160% damage.
Darkdeals 160% damage.
Grounddeals 160% damage.
Ghostdeals 160% damage.
Firedeals 160% damage.
Darkdeals 160% damage.

Resistant to:

Dragondeals 63% damage.
Icedeals 63% damage.
Normaldeals 63% damage.
Grassdeals 63% damage.
Steeldeals 63% damage.
Rockdeals 63% damage.
Flyingdeals 63% damage.
Fairydeals 63% damage.
Psychicdeals 39% damage.
Poisondeals 39% damage.

Metagross Evolution:

Base Form(Beldum)


25 candies to evolve to Metang

1MOhmuzB CAtmsaGYt8DkORvaYtxAqse8ttMo0Ko4nKtVxv0e

2nd Form(Metang) 


100 candies to Evolved to Matagross

bly YesTtSZBccFK MTXrjxk6D9FOkcSlVpPWaCEKqLv7mw3 ZTOm2W37beXX9lzh2psp4yEqmwCO4pUys2i86BWXma6RyssO yvtW6YFC6HyUa5 rMbcwPkaGLaES6lVbncLsUi

Final Form(Metagross)


 Using Metagrossite, it can evolve to Mega form.

9FvaGjrxwI bs8WewPDkM7ihsm8HqXf ZFeCUQNOOMjNzHENYVbVRgxAziyvcNbf5i3JZp4skjLNLl00xs lr3aCuvf4m3FvzIX4XixYI uGi0eEt9BHKKT

Mega Metagross:

dE4Zq55tZiPQXDoldwQIigwR1pzm0w5qSLSVyCZxe9jza LFDdTqqSqFDrlInJ7ivGEa71nOhtQxJBiukDyxx5X4A4

What Type Of Pokemon Is Metagross? 

Metagross is a gigantic, automated Pokémon with a turquoise, circle molded body, and four legs. The principal body seems to fill in as both head and body, and this present Pokémon’s general development gives it the presence of an automated 8-legged creature. It utilizes its substantial body to nail down its prey prior to devouring them with its huge mouth. A huge, metallic cross is arranged in the focal point of its face.

Metagross Description:

On one or the other side of the cross, a red-eye peer out from a space in Metagross’ metallic reinforcement. Its four legs are joined to the fundamental body by ball-and-attachment joints. While the upper bit of the legs are moderately slight, they are extensively thicker beneath the knee. Every leg has three short hooks on the end and a level, gruff projection reaching out over the knee. The legs can be wrapped up, permitting this pokemon to glide noticeable all around. 

As Mega form, it continually buoys, and its legs become arms. It additionally recovers four legs on the of its head. The cross all over turns pale gold, and it acquires two little openings and a spike promptly beneath the cross, giving the impression of a goatee. 

Metagross Shiny is the consequence of two Metang meldings. This gives four minds altogether, all associated with an intricate organization of neurons. Due to these mind-boggling associations and the number of cerebrums, this Pokémon is fit for performing complex counts and is more insightful than a supercomputer. 

It utilises its knowledge to dissect its adversaries during the fight. Metagross pokemon go utilises its incredible solidarity to nail down a casualty utilising its four paws and body. This permits him to utilise its enormous mouth and teeth to bite its casualty to pieces. This Pokemon can be found on harsh territories. It can likewise be discovered living in blanketed mountains as their attractive forces get more grounded in frigid temperatures. 

Mega Meta-gross accomplishes its structure by connecting up a Metang, and two Beldum together. Its numerous cerebrums cycle data at the same time, empowering it to tranquility evaluate the tide of a fight and thrashing its adversary with precision. Mega form likewise utilizes the mystic force inside its body to dispatch incredible assaults. Its paws are hard as steel and can undoubtedly crush even huge lumps of rocks. 

Since Mega Evolution invigorates its different cerebrums and builds its insight, Mega Metagross typeturns into a merciless soldier that will grip at triumph by totally any methods, regardless of how horrifyingly brutal. In the event that triumph is considered unimaginable, It will endeavor to delve its paws into its adversary and plan to detonate.

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