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Aerith(FF7) Wiki | Characteristics, Abilities, and Exciting Facts!


Aerith is one of the fantasy VII fan’s favorite characters of all time and was introduced in the Final Fantasy VII. With incredible magical abilities, she provides support to her comrades. Because of her amazing abilities and capabilities, it’s worth mentioning, Aerith facts, abilities, and more.

Aerith is also known for the name Aeris and was introduced as a major character in the FF7 series. Living in sector 5 slums, she was also referred to as a beautiful flower with a soft heart hence amazing magical abilities. In fact, she was the last one of the Cetra race, the race which acquires a unique magical ability. She is capable of sensing any planet life force.

Shinra Electric power company continues to hunt down her to exploit her magical abilities.

Let’s explore deeper about Aerith FF7, her abilities, and amazing facts!.

Aerith Wiki / Bio

HomeIcicle hn
Age15-22 Crisis Core17 – Before Crisis22- Final Fantasy VII remake
DOBFeb 7, 1985
OccupationFlower Merchant
Weapons (FF VII)Staves
Ultimate Weapon(FF VII)Great Gospel
Ultimate Limit BreakerPrincess Guard
GameplayFF VII RemakeBefore CrisisCrisis Core

Aerith Characteristics:

Aerith is a type of character that possesses both incredible abilities and a soft heart, With carefree nature wields staves in wars. She is always in the end rows as she uses magic abilities to support her comrades.

More of her powers are used to heal the soldiers and are defensive. She is one of the most powerful defenses against any enemy. In the Midgar region, she met Cloud Strife, those two become close extra close, Sephiroth was hunted down after their fight with Shinra.

Personality and Appearance:

Aerith is sympathetic, playful, and blissful, just as road savvy, with a spunky and presumptuous mentality. She keeps a confident and uplifting viewpoint notwithstanding risk, shouting out to others when she can, and continually attempting to see the positive qualities in people. She is in any case still ready to distinguish an unequivocal malevolent, as Shinra and Sephiroth.

Against such dangers, Aerith wishes to help any way she can, yet is ethically restricted to savagery and sees it just as a last resort. She isn’t above holding disdain for the individuals who wronged him. 

Even though she is equipped for putting on a front of cold rebellion and covering her shortcoming when distressed. Aerith loves nature, especially flowers, and attempts to cooperate with them.

She aches for the opportunity and the capacity to settle on choices for herself. Brought up in the ghettos of Midgar, she is road shrewd, and for the most part unflinching by the risk of beasts or Shinra. 

She has incredible information on the Midgar ghettos which she confers to Cloud and has developed to cherish them for the couple of blossoms that develop, just as the interests of the occupants, to the point of not wishing to leave. disregarding this, She adores experience and attempting new things.

Wanting one day to ride on an airship. Coupled with her daring nature is her willfulness, with both Elmyra and Cloud remembering they can’t talk her out of something after she has decided, paying little mind to how much peril she is putting herself in.

Aerith Companion Apparition :

Aerith rushes to make companions, as can be seen with Cloud, Tifa Lockhart, Marlene, and “Red XIII”. She is steady towards them and pushes them forward, however, she in any case depends on them to likewise have her back when she is uncertain of herself. This can be found in her fellowship with Tifa: She helps set Tifa’s psyche straight when she is distressed, while Tifa thusly vows to ensure her and help discover a route through her struggles. 

Aerith is coquettish towards Cloud, ready to see through his solidified persona, and prevails with regards to getting him to open up a little more. Though she loves having Cloud as her guardian, she doesn’t show up too dependent on him for actual assurance to such an extent as she makes the most of his company. 

She has evident sentimental affections for Cloud and comments how he helps her to remember her first love, Zack. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, She seems to have further information on unfurling occasions. She stresses a wish to live at the time and esteem the present, and accepts that what’s to come isn’t set and there is no space for regret.

Is Aerith Playable?

Aerith Gainsborough was introduced playable in Final Fantasy 7.And reintroduced in the FF7 remake. She is considered to be the protagonist of the FF7 compilation. Her appearance was also seen in the Final Fantasy 7 ( Advent Children, Crisis-Core, Before Crisis).


  • Ultimate limit breaker (Great Gospel), 
  • Weapon (Staves) 
  • Ultimate Weapon (Princess Guard).
  • High Magical Stats
  • Striking Staff/ Princess Guard
  • Has High DMS

Ideas and Concept Arts:

The initial concept art and design are done by, Tetsuya Nomura. She was one of the first 3 characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura. The director and scriptwriter Yoshinori. The design of Aerith is created yet to define her soft and lovely personality.

Japanese Voice:

  • Maaya Sakamoto
  • Chihiro Tanaka (young, Remake)

English voice actor

  • Mandy Moore (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Mena Suvari (Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Andrea Bowen (Crisis Core, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Mobius, Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind)
  • Briana White (Remake)
  • Capri Oliver (young, Remake)
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