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5 Tips to Make Moving Stress-Free


Are you losing sleep over an upcoming move? Let’s face it, moving can be incredibly stressful. In fact, 45 percent of people cite moving as the most stressful event in life -this is even including events such as divorce and job loss. Whether you’re moving across the country or up the street, there’s no denying the stress and anxiety that can result in such an event.

If you’re gearing up for your next move, you’re going to want to read this. To help, we’re showcasing the five best tips for moving Cheltenham man van. From packing an essentials bag to investing in professional help, these tips are sure to create a moving experience that is far more enjoyable than it is stressful in Redmond WA.

1. Pack an Essentials Bag

Before you begin packing, you’re going to want to first put together what’s called an “essentials bag”.

This essentials bag will contain anything that you might need during the first 24-hours of your move. To pack an essentials bag, consider the following items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Medication
  • A change of clothes
  • Phone and computer charger
  • Wallet
  • Eyeglasses
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Housekeys
  • Moving documents
  • Identification
  • Money

Having these necessities packed into one bag will ensure that you don’t spend countless hours searching for lost items. Instead, everything that you might need will be neatly organized into one bag. This bag should be kept along your side from the beginning of the move to the very end of the move.

2. Minimize Your Possessions

Preparing for a move is a great time to reconsider just how many possessions you own. After all, what’s the point in transporting items if they’re only going to sit unused in your closet for months to come?

To make your move all the more stress-free, be sure to rid yourself of any furnishings, clothing or general items that you no longer need. In turn, you can look forward to furnishing your new home with only the items that you love and cherish the most.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your unused possessions should be summoned to the landfill. Instead, why not use this as an opportunity to bring some much-needed good into the world? This is a great occasion to donate lightly used items that no longer bring you joy.

If you’re unsure where to donate these items, be sure to search for local children’s charities and missions within your neighborhood. You can also look into donating your items to nearby thrift stores or drop them off at your local church.

3. Make Use of Existing Materials

There’s no denying that moving can be downright expensive.

First, you’re shelling out cash for a sizable moving truck. Next, you’re hiring professional movers. From here, it’s all of the little things that slowly begin to add up. This could entail anything from boxes and shrink wrap to a mover’s dolly and bungee cords.

This is why making use of pre-existing materials is key. For example, you can use towels and linens in place of purchasing expensive shrink wrap or bubble wrap. These linens can be used to protect anything or your furnishings or items that are fragile or contain sharp edges.

Not only is this more cost-effective, but it’s also going to result in significantly less waste on move-in day. When it comes time to transport your moving-day waste to the dump, you’ll be glad that you took the more eco-conscious route!

4. Make Use of Vacuum Storage Bags

When it comes to packing our belongings, it’s often our clothing that takes up the majority of the boxes.

Let’s consider that the average American household consists of 2.63 people. In packing the clothing of 2.63 people per household, it’s easy to just how quickly these boxes can add up. With more boxes, you’re going to have to rent a larger moving truck and your move-time is sure to increase.

This is why making use of vacuum storage bags when packing clothing is a moving game-changer. Not only will this take up far less room in your moving truck, but it will also allow for easy transportation from the moving truck to your new home. This also works wonders for anything from bedding and towels to kitchen linens and even footwear.

5. Hire a Piano Moving Company

If you’re serious about perfecting a stress-free move, it’s time to leave your move to the professionals.

Just as we hire professionals to help us purchase our homes, the same theory should be applied to the moving of our homes. Not only will this help to keep our possessions safe during the move, but it will allow us to focus on more important elements of the move. In addition to hiring general movers, one of the best investments that you can make is to hire piano movers.

No piano? No problem.

In addition to moving pianos, these companies specialize in moving other heavy and burdensome items. This could be anything from a pool table and an aquarium to specialty items such as arts and antiques. In hiring piano movers for your heaviest items, you can save yourself from both the mental distress and physical pain that can result from moving.

The Art of Stress-Free Moving

At the end of the day, it’s important to remind yourself that moving is supposed to be fun and exciting!

After all, you’re gearing up for an exhilarating change and you’re soon to living in a brand new home. When we pair this will a simple excuse to buy new furnishings and host a housewarming party, it’s disappointing that moving has generated such a bad reputation.

In packing your belongings and straining your back with the affiliated heavy lifting, moving can and will prove to be stressful. This is why thinking ahead and outlining a dedicated plan for a stress-free move is critical. Why this may call for a more significant investment of your money, it will be well worth your time and your mental wellbeing.

Go on, your move is worth it!

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