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What is the Standard Form and How Students can calculate it Easily?


Scientific notation is the method used to write the complex into simple figures. These values are difficult to understand and perform the operations on the numbers are also difficult. This is because of the large and small values. Scientific notations are also called scientific form, standard form and standard index form. The scientific notations are most commonly used by the mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.  These notations make the arithmetic calculations easier to calculate. Converting large and small values is a complex task. To make the conversion easier, you can use an online standard form calculator at our site: https://calculator-online.net/standard-form-calculator/that allows you to convert any decimal number scientific notation to decimal notation.

What is Standard Calculate Form:

The standard form is said to be a way in which very large and small values are      written in scientific notation. The format of scientific notation is as follows: a X 10ⁿ.The standard form is made up of two parts, where “a” is known as the base number and n is said to be the power of 10. The base number of the standard form has to be equal to or larger than 1 but it must be less than 10.

These notations are used in various professions such as engineering, construction and in the medical field also. The standard notations are difficult and complex when performing the calculation. So, to make the calculations simpler, you can try an online standard notation calculator that helps to turn the number in standard form, Scientific E-Notation, and in real number.

Example # 1 for Scientific Notation:

330 = 3.3 x 10^ 2

This is because, 10² = 10 that is equal to 100.

So, 3.3 X 100 = 330

Example # 2 for Scientific Notation:

9,600 = 9.6 x 10^ 3

This is because, 10³ = 10 x 10 x 10 that equals to 1000

So, 9.6 x 1000 = 9,600

You can give a try to an online standard form calculator instead of performing the calculations manually, this calculator that allows to convert the number in standard form.

How to write in standard form?

To convert the number in standard notation, follow the below simple steps:

  • First step is to identify the decimal point if the number. If the given number has no decimal point, so the decimal point is considered on the right side of the last number.
  • Move the decimal to the first non zero digit in the number after identifying the decimal point.
  • Now, count the total digit of the number that you have moved to the decimal number.  After that multiply the number with 10 and raised the power of 10 with including the total digits of decimal have moved. 
  • The power will be positive, if the decimal is moved from the right side to the left side. On the other side, the power will be negative if the decimal moves from left to right side.

By following these simple steps students can easily convert the too large and too small values. Instead of performing the calculation by hand, you can freely use scientific notation converter that converts the number in scientific e-notation, engineering notation, and in standard form also.


In this article, we’ve discussed about the scientific notations. Basically, it is method that is used to convert the very large and very small values. Working with the scientific notation enables us to work effectively without having the decimal mistakes. To make your calculations easier, you use an online standard form calculator that display the number in the standard form.

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