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Play-based Learning can Help your Child Succeed in School and Beyond – Education – 2020



As the school year begins, many families are deciding where to enrol their child in preschool or school. Preschools and schools offer a variety of approaches to early education, all promoting the benefits of their specific programs. One approach to gaining momentum in the early years of elementary is play-based learning. Research shows that play-based learning enhances children’s learning and development outcomes. It can also set your child up for success in the 21st century by teaching them related skills.

What is play-based learning?

Children are naturally motivated to play. A play-based program offered by a reputed digital place like lido learning, based on these dynamics, using play as a setting for learning. In this context, children can explore experiment, discover, and solve problems imaginatively and playfully.

A play-based approach includes both child-initiated and supportive learning. Teachers encourage children’s learning and investigation through interactions that extend their thinking to higher levels.

For example, while children are playing with blocks, the teacher might ask questions that encourage problem-solving, making predictions, and making hypotheses. Teachers can also bring to children’s awareness of math, science, and literacy concepts, allowing them to participate in those concepts through hands-on learning.

Although more evidence is needed for a cause-and-effect relationship between play and learning, the research findings often support the value of good quality-based early-year programs.

How does it compare to live tutorials?

Play-based learning has traditionally been an approach to education practiced by teachers in Australian preschool programs. It reinforces the state and national government’s early learning framework.

Research has shown the long-term benefits of high-quality game-based kindergarten programs where children are exposed to learning and problem solving through self-initiated and directed activities of the teacher.

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In contrast to play-based learning are teacher-centered approaches focus on guiding young children to basic learning skills. Although this more structured style of teaching and learning is the traditional approach to elementary programs, research is emerging that play-based learning is more effective in elementary programs. In recent studies, children’s learning performance was shown to be higher in a play-based program than children’s learning performance in direct instructional methods.

Research has also identified young children in direct instructional programs to experience negative effects. These include stress, decreased motivation to study, and behavioral problems. This is especially so for children who are not ready for more formal teaching.

What can be achieved through play-based programs?

As with traditional methods, play-based early-year programs are focused on teaching and learning. In such programs, play can be in the form of free play (spontaneous activity and guided by the child) and guided play (also directed by the child, but the teacher participates in the activity as the player) with intent to teach. Both have benefits for children’s learning. To take advantage of these benefits, an optimal play-based program will provide opportunities for both free and guided play.

Participate in games that stimulate a child to explore and explore. This motivates children to take control of their environment and promotes concentration and concentration. It also allows children to engage in more flexible and higher-level thinking processes that are considered essential for 21st-century learners. They include processes of problem-solving, analysis, and typing. price, applying knowledge and creativity.

The play also supports a positive attitude toward learning. These include imagination, curiosity, enthusiasm, and perseverance. The type of learning process and skills fostered in play cannot be replicated through rote learning, including an emphasis on remembering events.

The nature of the game is demand-based, supported through the social interactions of teachers and children. Teachers take an active role in guiding children’s interactions in play. Children are supported to develop social skills such as cooperation, sharing, and responding to ideas, negotiating, and resolving conflicts.

Teachers can also use children’s motivations and preferences to explore concepts and ideas. In this way, children acquire and practice important learning skills and learn in a playful setting.

For example, research shows the increased complexity of the language and learning processes used by children in play-based programs related to critical literacy skills. These include understanding the structure of words and the meaning of words.

Another study found that children’s vocabulary and storytelling were higher in a play-based classroom than in a traditional classroom.

Learning methods and direct instruction by teachers take their place in the educational context. But the evidence also points to the benefit of quality play-based programs for our youngest learners. In play-based programs, playtime is seen as important for learning, not a reward for good behavior. In such classes, children have a bigger, more active input on what and how they learn.

Research shows play-based programs for young children can provide a strong foundation for future success in school. They support the development of socially competent learners who can face challenges and create solutions.

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