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Features of Condo You Will Have in Cambodia

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Interestingly lots of people do not have the proper idea about what Condo is. Even 5 years ago I was waiting for when I will have enough money. Then will go to the Cambodia property buy and selling agency at Phnom Penh to buy me a condo company. That time I have got a clear idea about these things since I talk to the agents of the real estate. Since there are a lot of people don’t know about the thing, rather talk about this today. We are going to feature all the common features of the condo that you will have on Phnom Penh at Cambodia.

Furnished floor and ceiling

The damaged floor is not good for health and environments. And this is one of the main features that you will have from Condo. There will none of the damaged floor rather those are highly furnished. Depends on prices on the floor even the ceiling can be mosaic or covered with the tiles. Even the side walls are also built with the fancy looks. Color and the door and window shaping will also highly furnished.

Air conditioning system

3 important things about the air conditioning system have. The first one is transforming air cold to hot or hot to cold. Then the ability to keep the air clean by using air purifiers. And the last one has the proper shape windows for air intake. All the air conditioning system should have to become a condo. It’s a mandatory feature.

Proper parking management

People who will live in Condo should be rich and have many cars. This is important to ensure that there will enough parking space in the ground. This is another elementary demand for these things. even the parking should be safe and easy to manage.

Internet and security

High-speed internet is a basic demand nowadays. On another hand, there is a matter of security. Your webcam, IP camera, CCTV, and other routing devices depends on the internet which will provide safety and security. Condo must have a safe and faster internet connection to give you a faster update.

All important Utility service

To be a condo this is another demand that all the utility services like gas, water, and the electricity should be available 24/7. Even there should be an electric generator available to ensure the uncropped power supply. City water and gas system should be available too. At the same time, the fire exhaust system should be developed to fight with unexpected situations.

There are lots of real estates Phnom Penh city. They all have the ability to offer you the Condo. But the fact is none of them will give you an offer cheaply. The main reason is there all the deals are depending on quality. Price is the second option for Cambodian people. Depends on your expectation you will also have a comfortable flat, official space, and any important thing that you need from the real estate agency of Cambodia. Hope you will search for all the legal important thing before getting an attempt to buy things from them.

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