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Galarian Rapidash( Gen 1Pokémon) |Weakness, Abilities, and Ridiculous Facts

galarian rapidash
galarian rapidash

Galarian Rapidash, a Psychic and Fairy-type famous pokemon. It’s the evolved form of Ponyta. The vulnerability of this awesome pokemon is to poison, steel moves, and ghosts. Because of its amazing abilities, we thought of making a review on it, the attacks, facts, and abilities of Rapidash are featured in this guide.

Blaine acquired a Rapidash as his horse in Pokémon Adventures. In Holy Moltres, it conveyed Red to Blaine’s mystery research center to restore an Aerodactyl from its Fossil. Afterward, Blaine rode Rapidash into Mewtwo’s Psywave trying to overcome Mewtwo. To ensure Red, Blaine’s Rapidash made a fireball divider around the Trainer to shield him from the looming impact.

In this guide, we’ll review the Galarian Rapidash abilities, skills, and move-sets.

Galarian Rapidash Moveset and Weakness:

Following is the detailed information of the Galarian Rapidash Weakness and Movesets.

Basic Stats:

CategoryUnique Horn Pokémon
Height1.7 m
Weight80.0 kg
AbilitiesRun Away or Pastel Veilanticipation
Buddy Distance3 km
Capture & Flee Rate15%/6%
Max CP2,461

All Moves:

Main moveDamageEPSDPS
  Play Rough90-17.237.2
  Body Slam50-17.426.3
Low Kick61010
Psycho Cut513.310

Weakness and Resistance:

Galarian Rapidash weakness and Resistance chart is featured below:

Vulnerable to:

Poisondeals 160% damage.
Ghostdeals 160% damage.
Steeldeals 160% damage.

Resistant to:

Psychicdeals 63% damage.
Fightingdeals 39% damage.
Dragondeals 39% damage.

Galarian Rapidash Evolution:

Base Form(Ponyta)


Final Form(Galarian Rapidash )


Rapidash generally can be seen nonchalantly jogging in the fields and fields. Notwithstanding, when this Pokémon turns genuine, its searing manes flare and blast as it jogs its way up to 150 mph.

What Type Of Pokemon Is Galarian Rapidash? 

Rapidash is an equine Pokémon with a cream-hued hide and a sharp horn on its temple. It has little, red eyes and three-sided ears with ruddy insides. Yellow and rosy orange blazes stream from the rear of its head to shape a long, streaming mane.

 A short form of the mane trails down its back to its similarly blazing tail. Blazes are additionally present on its fetlocks. It has slim legs, each with a solitary dark foot. 

Rapidash is a light-footed Pokémon. It runs at around 150 mph (240 km/h), pursuing all that moves to race it. With unimaginable increasing speed, it arrives at its maximum velocity in just ten stages. At full jog, its hooves scarcely contact the ground. The quicker Rapidash goes, the more drawn out the influencing blazes of its mane will turn into.

 At a hard and fast dash, its blasting mane shimmers, an element that is said to upgrade its lovely appearance. Rapidash lives in prairies, yet it can likewise be seen on mountains in Pokémon Snap. 

In Galar, Rapidash takes on a white coat and light blue eyes. Its horn is any longer than that of customary Rapidash and is profound violet in shading with a spiraling white line running its length. Its fetlocks are embellished with a long pink hide that stores mystic energy, which gives it a quick, vaporous walk, and it has profound violet hooves. 

Galatian Rapidash is known for being courageous and prideful. It can channel its mystic force into a ground-breaking Psycho Cut from its horn that can penetrate through sheet meta


In this guide , we’ve featured everything , we know about galarian rapidash. This is absolutely an awesome pokemon with amazing abilities. To get to know this animal further deeper , read this guide to end.Using its incredible set of movesets , it can defeat any possible enemies.

Apart from this, we’ve also written guides on many other amazing pokemon including zerora ,metagross, and garchomp , do read and place a review. So, your affective with the pokemon world gets stronger.

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