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Favorite Cannabis Strains Across The US


Cannabis Strains are famous all over America. It was reported in 2020, that 1 Billion Kilograms of Cannabis was consumed in the US.

The consumption isn’t stopping now. The Great Weed Wave has swept America, and no one is complaining.  Therefore we decided to introduce you to US’ favorite Weed Strain. 

In this Guest Post, we will introduce you to the TOP FIVE CANNABIS STRAINS IN THE US available at dispensaries near you. And give you some cool information about them. 

So let’s get started!

Best 5 cannabis strains in the US 

There are many cannabis strains available in the US. Out of these, selecting the top 5 is a difficult task. Therefore, through a lot of research and compiling, we have been able to come up with a list of Top 5 best cannabis strains in 2022.

#1 Bubba OG Kush Strain

 Bubba OG Kush Strain is an Indica dominant strain. It contains 22 to 25% THC and trace amounts of CBD. The Indica to Sativa ratio in  Bubba OG Kush strain is 4:1. What effects does this have, and what does it mean we will discuss ahead. 

How do you feel on Bubba OG Kush Strain?

As it is pretty clear that  Bubba OG Kush Strain is heavily dominated by Indica, you will feel a body high instead of a mind high.

This means that your body will feel heavily sedated, whereas your mind will be clear-headed. Therefore, on  Bubba OG Kush Strain you can unwind after a long day of work.

You would still be able to focus on any reading that you’re doing, art that you’re creating, or music that you’re listening to. This makes Bubba OG Kush Strain a perfect strain for chilling out.

It is perfect for bedtime smoking. You will feel an increase in external stimuli. It will be more vibrant and exciting. 

#2 Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It contains 16 to 20% THC. It has less than 1% CBD levels. The Indica to Sativa ratio in Sour Diesel is 1:9. Let’s know more about its wondrous effects.

How do you feel on Sour Diesel?

An iconic flavor, that everyone loves. It gets its flavor from the diesel-like aroma that it has. People also find it to have a scent similar to gas/skunk. It is renowned for the effects it has. 

It has a fast-acting action and its effects last for a really long time. After having this strain you will feel an energetic Sativa high.

Your body won’t be sedated and your appetite will increase. It’s equally famous in people who use it for therapeutic or recreational activities.

#3 Mimosa

Mimosa is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It contains 17 to 22% THC. It has less than 1% CBD levels. The Indica to Sativa ratio in Mimosa is 3:7. The citrusy strain is worth knowing more about.

How do you feel on Mimosa?

Mimosa gets its name from the perfect brunch cocktail Mimosa. And we know you’ve guessed it by now, it smells and tastes just like the cocktail!

This strain has a fruity flavor and embraces a sweet kick. It is a cross between the Purple Punch and Clementine. Similar to the Mimosa beverage, it is yummy, sweet, and sour. 

On Mimosa, you would feel a happy, cheerful, and bubbly feeling run through your body. 

#4 Green Crack

Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It contains 16% THC. It has less than 0.1% CBD levels. The Indica to Sativa ratio in Biscotti is 7:13. Do you know it was named Green Crack by the hip hop legend Snoop Dogg!

How do you feel on Green Crack?

Green Crack was named by the hip hop legend after he took its drags and the encapsulating Sativa effects hit him. It is a beautiful strain that you can try during the day.

It has strong elevating effects. It will provide you with a mood boost and instant energy. You will stay motivated throughout the day. Lethargy won’t affect you at all. 

A slight buzz will keep you going through distress. It has a touch of Afghan Landrace Indica. Its flavors are fruity, and tangy, which match perfectly with tequila due to the Limonene Terpene.

#5 Biscotti Strain

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Biscotti is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain. It contains 22 to 25% THC. It has less than 0% CBD levels. The Indica to Sativa ratio in Biscotti is 4:1. This strain will get you happier than its namesake cookies!

How do you feel on Biscotti?

Biscotti is a very potent strain with high THC levels. It also contains 2% CBG. The remarkable strain has relaxing and uplifting effects.

Known for making people giggly, this strain will give a vacation to your cerebral system. When the strain is acting the best, you will feel a tingly, mushy, warm feeling flowing through your body. Any tension will be washed. 

Smoke this strain with your friends to do away with all the strains in your life. Biscotti is a perfect choice for the go-getters who want to lie down and have a good time with their friends.

Are there more famous strains?

YES! There are many many more strains that you should definitely try out. You can look up different strains before trying them from cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp. These 5 are our favorite cannabis strains across the US according to the experts. More strains that you could try out are:

  • OG Kush – The Real Deal
  • Purple Punch Strain – The Juicy Punch
  • Wedding Cake Strain – The Only Cake you need
  • Gary Payton Strain – The Game Night Rocker
  • Apple Fritter Strain – The Cider Hitter
  • Blue Dream Strain – The Psyched Out 


  1. Are these strains safe?

When consumed in the right manner and in the right quantities, they’re generally safe. But, if you’re suffering from a medical condition, then consult your doctor before consuming any strain.

  1. Will Sativa strains make me out of control?

No. But if it is your first time, then you should start with small quantities. Relax when you use them. Any anxiety might lead to paranoia.

  1. Can you use these strains in a blunt?

Most definitely use these cannabis strains, and that is what we recommend too!

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