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Tips to Find the Best Affiliate Program in Malaysia


A recent report reveals that Malaysia’s online retail sales have gone up by about 29%, with east Malaysians shopping online 2.6 times more than the peninsular population.

On the other hand, with the average Malaysian spending more than 6 hours online and 85% of the local population on social media, 53% tend to shop online.

If you have products in selective sectors, it is best to consult an expert in affiliate marketing to make the best use of the thriving e-commerce arena Malaysia presents. They will guide you to choose an affiliate program Malaysia suitable for your brand. Here are the top tips for finding the option that resonates with your offerings.

The Affiliate Program Should Fit Perfectly Within Your Niche

Travel, electronics, and fashion form the top ecommerce categories in Malaysia, accounting for doubling the average online spend per consumer from 2017 to 2019.

Leading experts help you find products that match your brand niche. They guide you through the entire setup, from uploading your creatives to writing a good description of your brand for attracting the right affiliates to your program.

Some also suggest thinking out of the box while choosing the affiliate programs; you can think of products not directly within your genre. Yet, the affiliated links will get you to profit from interested customers.

The Affiliate Program Should Have an Outstanding Market Reputation

An online search for the top affiliate program in Malaysia will show you that it offers everything from electronics, baby food to beauty. And they allow a commission rate of about 7% for every sale. 

The program guarantees a secure and speedy online shopping experience. And its variety and excellent commission prospects give it an outstanding market reputation.

Top consultants suggest reputable affiliates, advertisers, and agencies you can collaborate with to promote your brand in Malaysia. They will help you find trusted parties with an excellent reputation in the local and global markets.

The Affiliate Program Should Have A Decent Conversion Rate

There are over 15,000 influencers in Malaysia, accounting for total earnings of RM79 million to RM460 million. When you seek out affiliate marketing prospects with the most popular influencers, they ensure the program offers an excellent conversion rate.

Industry experts suggest looking for programs that offer quality content and highly active brand and product promotion tactics. With the required resources in place, you can reach the correct consumer demography, ensuring they become your repeat customers.

The Affiliate Program Should Offer Valuable Tools

Leading Malaysian professionals feature simple, feature-rich affiliate software, which takes care of the required automation for successful affiliate marketing.

Look for a program that presents tools to handle the associated link, pixel, and cookie that attribute the affiliate to the sale. Check if they can provide aspects like banner ads and demographic data to the affiliates. You and your associates can then ensure your brand marketing campaigns present improved results.

Final Thoughts

Malaysians prefer credit cards as a payment method for e-commerce purchases, accounting for about 40% share by value last year. And with one of the highest internet penetration rates in the region, over 80%, by 2024, the Malaysian e-commerce market will most-likely reach MYR1.6bn. 

Engage an experienced consultant and invest in the best affiliate program, ensuring your brand gets established within Malaysia and also expands globally. 

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