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First Date Dos and Don’ts –Things to Avoid

First Date

Having reached the final leg before the first date, the butterflies are all over your tummy. It is that time again when all first-date ideas are flying loose and you cannot find the right approach. Everything sounds right yet confusing at the same time. Women and men alike suffer from truly understanding what a first date requires.

There are nitty-gritty matters one should watch out for during a first date. These matters are crucial to securing additional dates. If the first date ends miserably you can rest assured it will take plenty more effort to secure another. Nonetheless, as you secure the initial rendezvous it is in your best interest to cover a few grounds before jumping right in Read about : garchomp stats.

Prepping for the Date

If you plan to host, be sure you are aware of their likes and dislikes. Prepare meals that will likely have her salivating for more. Perhaps she likes seafood over chicken or veggies over meats. Taking these factors into account is important in setting the standard for future dates.

Have a restaurant on hold in case things don’t work out as planned at home. It might be that your stove stopped working, or you accidentally burnt the meatloaf. The restaurant won’t charge you for canceling but she might be hugely disappointed with a burnt meatloaf. Now that the scene is set for the first date with a hottie from let’s focus on the first date dos.

First date Dos

  • Dress the part. Whether you are a lad or lady, always come smartly dressed. Showing up in slacks or beach shorts is always considered a no-no. For ladies, wearing too-revealing clothing only implies one thing – we know what that is. If you appear with a don’t-care attitude, no one takes you seriously.
  • Speak about the other party’s interests. Essentially, you should listen more than you speak. Getting to learn her quirks from the onset is crucial particularly if you hope to take her on other dates. You will avoid unnecessary mishaps moving forward.
  • Bring a souvenir or gift of sorts for the first meet. Avoid roses or any flowers but candy is always good. Remember, it is the thought that counts.

First date Don’ts

  • Avoid politics and other fanatical topics like the plague. These are meant to be bar conversations between drinking buddies. Letting her in on your proclivities and how the republican party doesn’t rub you the right way isn’t the best approach.
  • Avoid drunkenness on the first date. If she feels like having some great wine. Maybe you should have some wine too. Even if she feels like downing shots, it doesn’t mean you should over indulge.
  • Avoid bars and clubs at all costs too. If possible, eat in or call in at a fancy restaurant. The reason for this has little to do with you getting drunk. It is more about avoiding drunkards in bars, and revelers who are likely to pester your newfound friend.
  • Don’t overdo it with the gifting and cooking and wining and dining. This stands true especially if you take her to a bar. The main reason is to avoid spending lavishly moving forward. If you splurge on the first date, she will inevitably expect and think that future dates will be the same.

Bottom Line

Meet your next Slavic connection at a fancy place of your choosing, but remember to keep things simple. The more you spend on the first date, the more likely forthcoming dates will expect the same. If she sees you splurge on the first date, or get drunk and disorderly, she has no reason to expect any different in the future.

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