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Guide to desert off-road trip

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Abu Dhabi’s deserts are majestic; it is a heaven for the drivers who love off-road driving. But there is a thing to keep in mind before planning an off-road trip, which is never to go alone as most deserts are a minimum 3 to 5 hours’ drive from the city. It is advisable to go with three four-wheel-drive cars. And if you wonder how you can manage four-wheelers, you can book your ride from car rental in Abu Dhabi. They provide the best cars with the best offers.

4 important things to keep in mind before the off-road trip

We have a brief overview that one should not plan to go all by himself, but there are three other important things to consider.

Condition of the car

Check your car’s battery you, don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the desert

Be very sure that your cars electrical systems, cooling systems are working properly

Don’t forget to check engine oil and transmission essential oil

Make sure to check that lights are working normally that is very important

And obviously, take a good look at the conditions of the tires plus always carry an extra tire

Car rental Abu Dhabi usually has their cars checked all time, but it is a good practice to clear all these things by yourself.

Food supplies

See how long you will stay in the desert and make a list of food items you want to carry along. There should be plenty of water and other things which you can eat and keep you hydrated.

Weather can affect the dunes.

There is a chance that listings for a tour you are following May fluctuate if you notice such a thing; stop for a while and decide if you are in the right direction similarly if a dune is looking more difficult to pass head a few meters left or right to adjust.


Visit desert is enjoyed to the fullest when you are willing to spend a couple of nights in the desert; after all, who doesn’t like the beauty of the night with full of stars shining on you. For this, many tourist companies provide camping services.

AL Remah

This route has a camel racing track; there is also a possibility that you can spot deer. There is also another very popular caping area in Sweihan. A spectacular view of desert trees can be seen at Tawi Naqara.

This route is chosen by both beginners and advanced off-road driving lovers. Standard drive starts from the camel farm road, and it takes five to six hours to reach here. You can decide which track you want to take to explore after the racing track.

Al ain – white sand

Both beginners and advanced also love this route, and approximately it needs four to eight hours. You can find many amazing camping sites here, and if you are lucky, you can also see the gazelle.

Local farmers use this track daily so you can follow the track. One difference in this route is that groundwater is closer to the surface there are water pits. Driving on the high dunes of this route at the speed of 150km has no match.

In the morning or evening, you can also observe the training of camels for racing. You can also explore the forest in local areas.

Liwa crossing

This route is for the advanced level of off-drivers. It has one of the highest dunes. This is also a very remote route, and it can take one to two days to complete. Experts say that it is impossible to say early exit in this route so take everything you need. And extra petrol is also needed.

Salt pools are very famous in this area. It is also a very demanding route as the sight all along the drive is breathtaking.

Al khazna

This route can be defined by deep bowl-shaped dunes or by dunes that look like a sharp hill. This route takes a few hours to complete but is warned this is an extremely technical route as well.

As mentioned above, this route can be completed in few hours, but if you can manage the time, you will be amazed to view the camping sites at the desert safari and al fayah. A very interesting attraction of this place is abandoned cars.

So if all the magical off-road trips and deserts from Abu Dhabi is ringing the bell and you want to have the joy of a perfect day with your friends and family, you can book your off-road rides and four-wheelers. 

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