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Set Up Your Flag Banner Easily By Following Simplistic Steps

Advertising might seem fun at first but once you start working on it on your own; you will realize how important it is to get every piece right. It takes a lot of hard work to not just focus on the material of the banner, but to choose the right designs for it, the perfect font style and color and many more. Lastly, you need to know the tricks to set up the flag banner right on time even before the show starts. No one will look for your stand if you don’t have an attractive banner by your side. So, to be on the safer side, it is better to set up the flag banner as fast as you can, and then invite some new customers over.

Quick setup of the flag provides you with instant benefits:

As setting up the feather flag banner is quite a simple and straightforward procedure, deploying the own fleet of the outdoor or indoor ad banners can happen in just less than one hour. Whether you are trying to stake them in the ground or attach to any already fixed stand, these feather flag banners will offer the best and highly visible advertising with just one anchoring point.

So, there is no need for you to get along with the intensive framing structures, much like billboards and other adverting means. These feather flags will work great in groups, mainly when you re lining a roadway or just flanking any store entrance.

Remove the items from packaging:

At first, you have to remove the items from packaging and lay flat on the ground. Then you set the travel carrying case aside. Decide on final placement site, which is located five feet from any wire or structure. In case you have ground stake base, you can just go ahead and hammer it into desired location.

Aligning the pole:

When you have all the items near your hand, it is time to align the pole structures from smallest to largest. The smallest pole will have a knob or ball at the top. Insert this into smaller end of next smallest pole and then assemble two poles in the same way.

For the printed fabric:

Now, you have to unroll and flatten out the printed fabric banner locate at the bottom end. It must be in the perfect size to slide the assembled pole structure. Ensure that you have pushed the rod all the way to highest point in pocket.

Secure the bottom:

Now for this step, you have to secure the bottom base and work on the flag’s structure on it. For adding stability, some flag banners come with bungee cord. So, locate the bungee line near base of metallic pole and loop attached to the flag’s base.  Then tie the bungee cord securely once attached to both the loop of the flag and pole ring.

With simple steps like this, your banner flag will be assembled and up, even before you know it!

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