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How did you Pass the CCIE Exam


1. The origin of sharing

On ZhiHu, many people are asking whether to take the CCIE exam, what is the use of CCIE, and I have combined my own experience and opinions to help to give the subject appropriate suggestions. However, looking at the various scolding CCIEs is useless in other answers, despising the industry, saying that the prospects are gloomy. Just like when I became a network engineer, even if I have come out to start my own business, there has always been such a voice. I don’t like arguing with others, or it’s unnecessary to argue about this matter. You can despise CCIE at will, saying that its certification is not recognized, even if it is a piece of waste paper, because CCIE is not my belief. But if you say there is no need to spend time on CCIE[<a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/ccie-enterprise-Infrastructure-en-training/”> cciedump.spoto.net </a>], then I really cannot agree with you. Learning CCIE Exam is one of my beliefs, and it has always been since the beginning.

2. Diary

2013.3.10 Study Plan

The CCNA training took a week, the CCNP training took about 20 days, and the CCIE training took about 4 months, which is 5 months in total. I have to work hard! Fighting!

It now appears that the original plan and the actual completion time are almost the same, and everything is implemented as planned. Because I was training full-time, I was under a lot of pressure, and even basic food and clothing were a problem. But when there is pressure, there is motivation, right?

2013.4.1 CCNP Summary

I have to understand what I am learning every day. I can’t do it day after day but don’t understand. I have to understand it.

In April, I finally completed the CCNP and started the CCIE Exam journey. During the period, I found myself wasting time, and my heart was full of guilt.

2013.4.10 Before CCIE Written Exam

Since I came back from Qingming Festival, I feel decadent, I have been in a state of no state, I don’t know what I’m doing, I haven’t read much of the books I should read, and I have been trying to find reasons for myself. In fact, I was able to take the CCIE written exam last week, because I was lazy and didn’t buy time well, and I felt very guilty. I promised myself that if I had passed the CCIE Exam, I would enter a fighting state. I have to take time to read the book and do the experiments that should be done, and the video teaching materials of CCIE have to start at the same time. Let me get high. I feel that I am not as firm as before. Come on, I should believe I can do it.

In fact, the CCIE written exam is really a hurdle in my heart. The hurdle makes me very nervous. It is definitely makes me more nervous than CCIE Exam LAB. I can hear my heartbeat. For the first time in my life, I am so nervous. It is really unforgettable.

2013.4.27 Pass the CCIE Written Exam

Yesterday, I took the IE written exam and it was a lot of twists and turns. Although for many people, the CCIE written exam is quite simple. But for me, an English idiot, I am really overjoyed that I passed it. During the exam, I was at a loss and nervous. I always wanted to wait until I passed it. Just wait a while. The written exam is just a hurdle for me. Although it is not difficult, I think that the entire university and high school that were once dominated by the faculty, this is the first step. I believe I can go further in the future.

Passing the written exam gave me great encouragement. I started to become hardworking and confident. I started to find the rhythm of learning, study life, and study. I remember that CCIE was colorless to me at that time, it was gray, and we are always afraid of the unknown. Because it is inevitable to be confused to start the legendary CCIE Exam LAB, but since it is my own decision and the way I should go. I have to persevere even if I bite my teeth.

2013.5.3 Interlude

During the period, I rode a small electric donkey to drive my wife to the train station. The rain was very heavy, and the raincoat was basically useless, and I got wet all over. What impressed me the most was that my wife kept laughing when she wiped the rain off her body with tissue. I always liked her smile, but I was a little guilty or unhappy that day. The reason is also very simple

I want to have a car and I don’t want to let her rain anymore

2013.7.14 CCIE TS3

On the way to becoming an IE, I feel that I don’t understand a lot, and there are still a lot of things I haven’t done. After a busy day, I get the TS3. Though I don’t understand many principles, I just go down. I still will do it even I don’t understand. I have to break it down and study it slowly when I have time, but I don’t understand many of them. I feel that I have been in the wrong state recently, and I feel that I am not working well. Do I need to exercise? Running tomorrow morning? Climb mountains? What else I should do?

During the period around July, I really felt stupid. No matter what I did, I couldn’t do it well. Others can do it but I can’t. Maybe I have never been good since I was a child, just because of an ordinary person. But at that time, I had been encouraging myself. Just this time, just make me better this time

2013.9.5 CCIE Exam LAB is Near

The day of IE Lab exam is approaching, I am nervous and helpless. I’ve never worked so hard before, and I’ve tried so hard that I’m moved. Today I chatted with my mother, thinking of my childhood, my mother always told me to study hard and work hard. But now it’s asking me to rest early, not to be too tired. Suddenly I feel that I am not working hard for myself, but also need to work hard for many people who love me and care about me. Since I was young, I was labeled because I loved playing Xiaobawang. I didn’t work hard enough and studied badly. I wanted to play games all day. It was like this until I graduated from university, and I didn’t know what I did every day. Graduating with a salary of several hundred Yuan, every year when I return to my hometown to escape during the Chinese New Year. Sometimes I don’t know what I insist on. I started to make a choice and chose the CCIE Exam path.

Now that several years have passed, seeing this diary at that time still has some touches. I have been doing nothing since I was a child, but my parents still regard me as proud. There is also the self-hypnosis that is chosen after coming home to see successful classmates and friends and my parents are getting older each year during the New Year. Facing the pressure of life like a mountain, I am weak and I don’t even have the courage to look up at it

Accommodation Hotel in Hong Kong

CCIE certificate photo

3. Postscript

It’s been 4 years since I passed the CCIE exam. I have achieved my original goal. After buying a car, my wife doesn’t need to accompany me in the rain on the electric car. With my own house, I can take my father and mother in June. These are the changes in salary brought to me after passing the CCIE exam. Also, this year I founded my own company. I think this is the greatest benefit that CCIE Exam has brought to me. Because it’s like a ray of sunshine, as long as I run in the sun, I never want to go back to the shadows again

There are so many things in 2013 that I will never forget. I remember that at the beginning of the year, the CCIE Exam training had not yet started. My mother helped me go to the temple and asked for a visa.

Swear before the Buddha that there is no ambiguity, and see the future is good

This thing turned out to be iron but it can be changed into gold

I already know how to memorize this signature.

I want to use a lyric from Li Zongsheng’s “Mortal Song”

“Ask when you have seen this world change for people”

“With the face I dream of, does it mean to have spring?”

“You and I are mortals born in this world”

You and I are mortal, born in this world

I hope when you see people who are hesitating about their fate and life

Please say “Come on” to them

Because success really requires courage

Come on, people on the road.

Where the heart goes, where the body goes

Keep the above in mind.

<a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/ccie-coll-lab.php”> cciedump.spoto.net/ccie-coll-lab.php </a>

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