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 How to Stay Motivated While Studying


Psychologists define motivation as the desire to act in service of a goal. They say it’s a key element in setting and reaching our objectives study. Basically, motivation is a driving force behind any human behavior. It fuels competition between people and sparks social connections. The absence of motivation typically leads to mental disorders, such as depression. On the other hand, when we are motivated, we have the desire to strive toward meaning, purpose, and worthy life in general.

A few words about motivation

To engage in any kind of behavior, we usually have multiple motives. What’s more, motivation may be intrinsic or extrinsic. In the first case, it comes from within. A person just has a desire to improve at a certain activity. In the second case, one gets inspiration from outside forces, such as rewards or other people. They say that intrinsic motivation is more powerful. Its accomplishments are also more fulfilling.

According to Maslow, a legendary figure in the psychological field, all people are inherently motivated to themselves and express their full potential. By satisfying several levels of needs, they reach self-actualization, which is the greatest motive. However, Maslow extended his theory after some time and included a motive for self-transcendence. That means people have a strong motivation to explore things beyond the self.

Finding motivation for studying

Consider the big picture

It’s almost impossible to stay motivated when you don’t have a clear direction. To have a sense of purpose, you should remind yourself why you’re pursuing your degree. Maybe you want to build a successful career and have a high income to travel the world. Or maybe your main desire is to learn skills necessary for helping others and making the world a better place. No matter what the reason for studying is, it’s important to keep your focus on the end goal. This will help you maintain motivation to push through challenging times. But if you lose sight of the whole picture, you risk losing direction.

Recharge yourself

In our hyper-competitive culture, students often take pride in the “workaholic” label. However, science suggests that overwork makes us less productive and more fatigued. Multiple polls show that many young people feel burned out and have a poor mental health conditions. What does that mean? Studying too hard drains your energy, tanks your mood, and undermines your progress. But most importantly, it saps your motivation to keep going. That’s why you should find time for relaxation and use rate my paper service to get help with your studies. Luckily, there are lots of companies that provide assistance with college work, so you can enjoy some leisure activities in the meantime. If you want to stay driven, make sure to get enough sleep and sufficient time for hobbies. Even though it might sound like an obvious recommendation, it’s vital not to overlook the impact of rest on your studies.

Celebrate your success

Nothing feels more demoralizing than not getting recognition for your accomplishments. To get inspiration for hard work, celebrate your achievements. Encourage yourself for every milestone, such as a completed course or submitted paper. If you passed an exam or studied for a certain number of hours, it’s also a small victory worth celebrating. This approach will help you maintain a positive mindset and feel confident about tackling new academic challenges.

Set new challenges

Naturally, our goals may fluctuate with time. We are constantly changing and so are our priorities. Hence, you should check in with yourself from time to time. Try to periodically reevaluate things you want to accomplish and improve. Ask yourself what you want to finish every now and then. Continuous reassessment of your strengths and objectives will help you avoid boredom. Give yourself honest answers about what is working for you and set new goals to make your course of study more fulfilling. Otherwise, you will lose motivation very soon.

Be organized

We all live in a hectic world. It requires us to juggle numerous responsibilities that come with school and relationships. So if you feel a bit overwhelmed, improve your time management. You can do it with the help of special apps, such as Any. do, Evernote, or Remember the Milk. They are designed for people who want to streamline a cluttered schedule and get rid of stress. These are great tools to boost your productivity and stay focused, which is necessary for high motivation levels. So just choose your favorite app!

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