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How the Lotus position Rules and Useful


There’s also a sitting position on the president. I have tried it but I do not like it. On the face, it looks like a great place to meditate. Your Lotus reverse is straight behind the president, your bases are resting on the bottom, and you can feel the breath. The problem I’ve with this contemplation is limping. Whenever I sit in a president and meditate, my body doesn’t want to be alert. Naturally, all I do is bend down, put my the lotus position bases on the table, keep the posture down, and breathe further smoothly.

Lotus Position

This is the position of the lotus. All I do for the lotus position is to cross my legs or make a diamond shape with my legs and keep both my bases together. Sitting on the bottom like this, it forces me to unbend my reverse. This is delicate at first. After all, my reverse is naturally straight. The stylish thing about this position is that it forces me to concentrate on keeping my reverse straight. If you want to know the lotus position in the exact way and option so just visit here.

The purpose of this composition is to punctuate some of the useful points of contemplation. Of course, no contemplation is better than the other, because people have their own preferences. I’ve plant from my experience that using for Latina or contemplation makes my contemplation practice more successful. 

 What does the church look like to me? 

This is the balance between the two. It’s creating workable cooperation with the magic behind the scenes and applying it to my life as it relates to the moment. It brings a sense of fun and prankishness to my spiritual practice and allows me to not look like everyone’s interpretation. I suppose occasionally we get so wrapped up in the meaning of church and we seriously confuse the sacred and it gets so heavy, also we lose the significance of doing it collectively for everyone. Are 

What if we could produce that perfect balance for ourselves? 

For me, this is the practical church. Chancing a way that my spiritual practice fits in with my diurnal, earth-grounded conditioning. It’s like having one bottom in each circle. Identify your assignment of what your interpretation of church looks like and how it feels. Start by asking yourself these questions 

  • What’s church? 
  • What isn’t church? 
  • How can I appear as a spiritual person? 
  • How would I like to appear? 
  • Where do I connect utmost deeply with the soul? Which terrain? Where in my body? 

What does it feel like to be predicated? 

Go deeper and ask what seems right to you, If none of these reverberate. I know this has been a constant trip for me. I keep asking myself these questions. However, put it down for a while and go back to see it again this coming week, If you cannot find a clear picture yet. Be patient with yourself and ask for guidance. A particular request from Amy Does the below composition reverberate with you? Do not you agree Do you have the sapience to add? Do you have questions about the content? If so, I’d love to hear your studies and questions.

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