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How To Increase Download Speeds: Top 7 Tips From Experts


The more efficient your internet connectivity will be, the better your downloading and uploading speed will be. That means it all comes down to one thing. Who is your internet service provider?

If your network has a slow downloading or uploading speed, it is probably the ISP’s fault. However, if your system has technical bugs, that can also be a reason why your internet is slow. 

When you download a movie from https://ipiratebay.org/, does your downloading speed stay below 5 MB? If your answer is YES, that means your internet connection is slow because The Pirate Bay has an extensive database, which means the downloading time should not be lengthy.

That’s why we will discuss a few tricks to increase your downloading speed in this article.

How To Increase Download Speed? 

Increasing your downloading speed will make your life much easier, which means you get to access digital content much faster than you used to. But, if your downloading and uploading speed lags so much, isn’t there any way to fix the problem? Of course, there is. Let’s take a look:

1: Restart The System

It is probably a typical solution to fix the slow speed problem, but it is also the most viable solution. When you restart your computer, it automatically fixes the technical bugs that were previously hampering your internet speed. 

You can quickly restart your machine by pressing the power button on the Windows option and selecting the restart option. If you want, you can also turn off the device, give it some time, and then restart it again, which will likely solve your slow download speed problem. 

2: Run Troubleshooter

You can never know why your downloading speed is so slow until you apply a bunch of fixes to resolve the issue. In that case, it may be possible that your speed is so slow because some system driver is causing abnormalities in the internet speed. 

You can run the network troubleshooter option because that will boost the downloading speed. We are not saying that it will immediately solve the problem, but if you are using Windows 10, running the network troubleshooter almost always solves the slow speed issue. 

3: Disable Background Apps

You may not know it, but many apps run on your background that consume your data without even letting you know. These apps take automatic updates and send you notifications, which doesn’t leave much data for you to download a new movie or other documents.

That’s why you must disable all the background apps. Just click on the task manager option, and navigate the startup button. Once you head there, you will find many apps running in your background that you didn’t even know about. Disable those apps, and try the file again. 

4: Use Ethernet Cable

Wireless methods of communication are supposed to provide a much faster speed in data transmission, but ethernet cables top the game. Hence, if you are facing a slow downloading speed issue, you can always connect your PC to an ethernet cable and see if the problem goes away or not.

We guarantee that ethernet cables will boost your downloading speed, and they are even more reliable and secure than a WiFi connection. Your WiFi may disrupt the downloading speed due to signal interferences, but an ethernet cable will save you from all those problems.

5: Check For Viruses

Even though you have a strong antivirus installed on your computer, many viruses can escape the eagle eyes of your antivirus and stay hidden in your system. When you connect the computer to the internet, those viruses become active and exploit your resources, especially your data.

That’s why you should perform a daily virus check on your computer, and make sure your machine is protected from any kind of malware threats. In addition, your downloading and uploading speed will most likely increase if you make it a habit.

6: Clean Cookies And Cache

Did you know when you visit a website, its image is temporarily stored as a cache memory in your computer? Now imagine how many websites you have visited till date and how many websites have asked you to accept the cookies before accessing its content. 

It’s probably more than a thousand, right? But then, the piled-up cache and cookie memory may be a reason why your downloading speed is so slow. Just open your computer settings, and clear the browsing data. Now, try downloading that file again and see the difference.

7: Use Fast VPN

Many people use a VPN to access banned websites and mask their online identities as they browse illegally. But, if your VPN is slow, it will significantly reduce your downloading and uploading speed.

You can always switch to a faster VPN and check how your internet performs. There are many options such as NordVPN, ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, etc, and some of these are also free. So, switch to one of them, and check how your downloading speed is. 


We have already provided the 7 best expert-recommended tips to increase your downloading speed. We suggest you try all these tips and let us know what worked for you and what didn’t. However, before you give up on your ISP, and contact a professional, just apply all these tricks once. 

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