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How to Apply Eisenhower Matrix for Time Management


Time – The most important and precious thing in our life. Management of time makes your life easier, and you become able to perform everything on time. You will complete your tasks on time if you have effective time management.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, time always plays an important role in your life. Whether you are sitting in the examination hall, or you are at your work, you will always be bound to time, and you have to complete your task within the time you have been given. So, effective time management matters the most.

The Eisenhower Matrix Management

The best and excellent tool for your time management is Eisenhower Matrix. This tool will direct you and teach you to use your available time in the best possible way.

This method goes back to the past about the former president of the USA, named President Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th president of the United States of America). He used two things to sort out his tasks. These are:

  • Urgency
  • Importance

According to him, there are only urgent and important problems in our life that we need to sort out, and both of these never overlap. There are actually not two things that play an important role, yet it is four quadrants that make the basis of your time management strategy like streameastlive.

These four quadrants are:

  • Important and Urgent
  • Important and not Urgent
  • Urgent but not Important
  • Not Important and not Urgent management

Important and Urgent

These are the tasks that cannot be delayed, and you need to complete them immediately. These tasks have a deadline, and you complete them immediately.

Important and not Urgent

This is the task in which you have sufficient time, yet it is important. For example, in your company, you need to implement a strategy in development, yet it is not urgent. These matters are often neglected. But these tasks are part of the main focus, and you need to do them regularly so that you can achieve them.

Urgent but not Important

You can delegate this task to someone else, as it is not as much important, but it has a shortage of time. However, these tasks have high priority, as there is a specific time. On the other hand, it means that you will not have to take care of the task yourself, but tasks are still processed. For example, you are arranging a party management in the company or a tour.

Not Important and not Urgent

These are the tasks that are neither important nor urgent. Such tasks often turn out to be time wasters, and you should end them.

For example, there are some events in your company that do not matter, and they don’t require to be done on time, so you can go ahead and delete them.

Implementation of The Eisenhower Matrix

All you need is a pen and some pieces of paper. It is highly management recommended to write down your tasks on paper, as it effectively works.

So, here is how this process will be carried out:

  1. The first you need to do is to collect your all-pending tasks
  2. After collecting, you need to input your tasks in the field of the matrix.
  3. You just need to see about the present and future tasks, and their urgency and importance
  4. Complete your tasks in accordance with their importance and urgency

The most of time, new users see the difficulty in the second step, and it causes the greatest problems. You just need to work on “Importance”, and “Urgency”, and it will become easier and easier for you on anime pfp.

Need of Project Plan

Project managers design the project schedule, and decided the project plan is revised as the project starts. It is not easy to create a project, and when the project starts, they keep on checking. Indispensable amendments keep on happening. The plan is adjusted, and it goes through modifications.

Devoid of the project plan, no project manager can lead its team effectively, nor can he complete the project on time. Project Managers need to keep checking the teams, and projects, and revising their project plan so that they can reach their organizational goals. In this way, they achieve their goal is, and they perform well.

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