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How to Connect RGB Fans to Motherboard?

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To find out how to connect RGB fans to the motherboard, you don’t need expertise in the hardware. However, it’s good that you are finally making your first computer yourself or making an upgrade to your PC.

It is an easy process with the proper knowledge, but doing it without basic knowledge would not make any sense. Keep in mind; you are not the first man struggling with connecting RBG fans to the motherboard and surely won’t be the last one. So let’s get started breaking down the steps of connecting RBG fans to the motherboard.

Types of RGB Fans

There are three main types of RGB Fans that can be connected to the motherboard. These types are as follows:

·        3-Pin RGB fans

·        4-pin RGB fans

·        Motherboards without headers

When connecting 3 or 4 pin fans, you don’t need any extra tool to connect them. Alternatively, a motherboard without headers will need additional tools to make the connection.

Once you understand the instructions, you will know how to connect cooler master RGB fans to motherboard. In addition, Ryzen 9 5900x motherboard are better for connecting RGB fans.

There is a frequently asked question on the internet: Can RGB fans be controlled by a motherboard? The answer is no; not all RGB fans can be controlled by the motherboard.

And even which can, they are tricky and, in some cases, incompatible with most of the motherboards.

Steps for 3-pin RGB Fans Installation

The 3-pin RGB fans are also known as DC fans. These fans are applicable if you have three cables in the connector. Follow the steps to make the connection work.

Step 1: Separate the computer case to approach the motherboard.

Step 2: It does not matter if you are a beginner or have experience; you need to read the manual.

Step 3: Check your RGB fans and mounts with them.

Step 4: Connect the RGB fan connector with two guides and then connect it with the headers on the motherboard.

Step 5: Press the connectors tight enough that it gets fit properly.

Your connection is made, and now place the RGB fans in your PC and pack it with the computer cover.

Steps for 4-pin RGB Fans Installation

The steps for the 4-pin RGB fans installation are similar to the 3-pin RGB fans. The difference is that the fans need to be connected to the motherboard’s four header connectors.

Then you are done, and you can turn on your computer.

Most people inquire about how to connect multiple RGB fans to motherboard. The answer is simple; you can follow these steps to add multiple RGB fans to your motherboard.

Steps to Connect RGB Fans without Header

The method in which motherboards are without a header is tricky, and the process varies from the above methods. To make this connection, you need an additional tool and you will learn how to connect RGB fans to AMD motherboards in no time.

You need a four-pin dual connector and a power cable to complete the process. In the following steps, you will find how to connect RGB fans to motherboard.

Step 1: Open your computer case.

Step 2: Bring the power cable and 4-pin dual connector to the RGB fan’s pin slot cable.

Step 3: Insert the remaining end to the RGB fan’s controller. And connect the other end to the power cable.

Step 4: Now, you can connect the power cable’s remaining end to the power supply’s SATA cable, and you are good to go.

Now, the connection is made, and you can cover the computer case.

How to Connect Corsair RGB Fans to Motherboard?

If you want to know how to connect Corsair RGB fans to the motherboard, you need to focus on these steps carefully. This method is quite different from the above methods, but you can efficiently perform with the guide of PC Custom Builder.

1. Open the iCUE software

2. Click on the Lighting Node Pro on the Home screen

3. Select the “Lightning Setup”

4. There are two connectors on the Lightning Node Pro. Select the drop-down box next to the Lighting channel you have your device connected to.

5. Now switch them to RGB fans.

6. Then, select how many devices are connected to your lighting controller.

7. To assign the lighting to your fans, you must select the Lighting Channel.8. Click on the + symbol to add a lighting effect.

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