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The Complete Guide to Choosing Eyelash Extensions: What to Know

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You know Eyelash how the old saying goes; when you look beautiful, you’ll feel beautiful. It’s for this reason why dressing up is so commonplace.

There’s nothing like a fresh hairdo, make-up, painted nails, and the right outfit to leave you feeling confident. That’s why many women get eyelash extensions.

Not only does choosing eyelash extensions leave you looking fabulous, but they can give you the boost of serotonin that you need to get through your day. The problem is picking ones that are going to look natural.

We can help you with that. Check out this guide to learn more about the different types of lash extensions.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

You shouldn’t confuse eyelash extensions with the glue-on ones that you can buy in a store. The two can’t be more different. You can’t apply lash extensions on your own.

The only ones who can put these semi-permanent lashes on your face are the professionals at a salon. Most of the time, these eyelash extensions only go over your top lashes. Not the bottom ones.

You can choose to have them applied in clusters or one at a time. You can also get them placed over all your natural lashes or in between them to get a fuller look.


Now that you know more about what they are, it’s time to choose your lash extension material. First up is the most expensive material that you can get.

Getting Lavaa Beauty mink extensions will hurt your wallet, but they’re your best bet if you want natural-looking lashes. Mink is pretty lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about it damaging your natural lashes, as well.

These extensions come from the tail fur of minks. To this end, many people choose not to get them for ethical reasons. You should also stay away from them if you’re allergic to fur.


If you have very fine lashes, even something as lightweight as mink could cause problems. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid getting extensions.

All it means is that you’ll have to get sable ones. It’s a material that’s even fluffier than mink. The downside is that not all salons have these types of lashes.

You may have a time and a half trying to find someone to apply them for you. Like with mink fur, you should avoid sable lashes if you have an allergy to animal hair.

Fox Fur

Keeping the animal fur train going, next up on the list is fox fur lashes. Their reddish tint will provide a look that you can’t get anywhere else.

They’re lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. The eyelash extension care that you have to go through with them may make you want to pull them out, however.

Animal fur lashes will leave you looking fabulous all day long, but they are a pain to curl. You also can’t find fox fur lashes in many salons.

Man-Made Extensions

Those looking for lashes on a budget should consider man-made extensions. Unlike the other lash types above, these won’t hurt your wallet, and they’re fairly low maintenance.

With the real animal fur lashes, you have to curl them every morning when you get up. Man-made lashes have a natural curl. They also tend to last a lot longer than the other options on the market.


Synthetic lashes are the least natural-looking lashes you can get. They have a certain sheen to them that makes them look fake. Most people avoid getting them due to their heaviness as well.

If you have fine lashes, you’ll want to avoid synthetic extensions at all costs. Attaching them to your eyelashes could cause some lasting damage.


If your natural lashes are too weak to handle synthetic extensions, you can opt for silk ones instead. As far as heaviness goes, they’re a strong medium.

They also look a lot more natural than synthetic lashes, and they last longer. Silk extensions provide a dramatic look that is right for special occasions, but due to their weight, we don’t recommend that you make them your go-to.

Choosing the Right Fullness and Length

Now that you’ve picked what kind of lashes you want, it’s time to consider the fullness and length. If you have naturally long lashes, it’s recommended that you focus on fullness.

The reason being is that if you put long extensions on already long lashes, it will bog them down. your extensions may look amazing for a little over a week, but after that, keeping them from being droopy will prove difficult.

If you have medium-length lashes, you should opt for extensions that bring both length and fullness to the table. If your natural lashes lack both, stick to extensions with medium fullness.

Color Customizations

Did you know that extensions come in different colors? You can go with the classic black lashes or get something that has a pop of color.

Can anyone say purple lashes? If you don’t want to go quite that bold with your look, you can interweave the funky colored lashes in with a more natural shade.

Skin Sensitivities

The last thing you need to consider is your skin sensitivities. If you’re allergic to the adhesive that they use in the salon, you’re going to have a bad time.

Most salons have adhesives available for those who have sensitive skin, but you’ll need to tell the practitioner about your condition when you’re booking the appointment.

Choosing Eyelash Extensions That Will Leave You Looking Amazing

If you’re looking for a way to put a little confidence in your step, choosing eyelash extensions might be the way to do it. Picking the right extensions will give you fuller, longer-looking lashes for weeks as long as you maintain them.

You’ll have to go to a professional to have them put on, but it’s more than worth it. For more tips that will leave you looking fabulous, visit the Fashion and Creativity section of our blog.

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