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How To Create a Meme in 10 Minutes

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Memes are one way to show your reactions or have fun with your loved ones on social media. There are many Generated Memes already. for example, “and i took that personally“. Upon all the millions of Memes out there, I know you would love to create your personal to keep the fun going.

Wondering how you can create your own to share with your family, friends, fans, and followers on social media? In this article, I would reveal some free apps and how to use any of the tools to create with your Mobile app.

How To Make Free Meme

  • Memetic

Memetic is a leading maker app. It helps ordinary internet enthusiasts become prolific comedians by continuously sharing well-made.

There are thousands (maybe millions) of preexisting pictures you can create memes on the iPhone. If you already have your template, you can simply upload the picture and caption it cleverly.

Guides you through the steps of making an on the app, so you shouldn’t run into issues even if you’ve never used the app. While an excellent making app, it doesn’t provide a way to search the templates.

If you want to make a using a particular photo that you don’t have, you may have to keep scrolling through the available templates until you find the one you’re seeking.

  • Meme Generator Free

Meme Generator Free is arguably the best generator on mobile, and it’s available for both iPhones and Android smartphones.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you can also save pictures as editable templates.

If you’re making a using this app, you can ask for examples to get ideas for your meme. Clicking the ‘Example’ button on the bottom row can bring up some excellent for the exact picture you are editing.

While there is a paid version of the app for advanced features, most of the features you’ll be using on this app are all free. 

Unlike Memetic, Generator Free lets you search the images using specific keywords. A search for Drake will bring up the iconic that you’re visualizing in your mind right now.

For most people, this app is the best making app on an iPhone. However, you may see ads now and then while using the app, if that’s what you can live with.

If you detest ads, you can upgrade to the paid version that provides nearly the same service, but without the ads.

  • Meme Factory

This aptly named app is another excellent making app for iPhone, but with a dated and unintuitive interface.

If you can keep your eyes away from the dated interface, the app is great overall. It lets you create your or view ones that others have created for inspiration.

You can also create an account to view by specific people. If Factory’s interface had been only better, I may list it above superior competitors like Generator Free.


This article has shown you how to create a with your mobile phone or PC. Use the comment box to drop your questions.

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