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5 Ways SEO Can Help a Lawyer Get More Business

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Lawyers should know about SEO. It can help them attract more people to their websites, and when that happens, they get more conversions. A conversion, in a lawyer’s case, means a person contacts them about wanting to hire them for a legal matter.

If you’re a lawyer and run or maintain a website, you should know some SEO basics. You can hire a team to help you with that, or you can use a freelancer if you have a smaller, simpler website. Either way, we’ll discuss what SEO can do for lawyers in the following article.

SEO Allows More People to Find a Law Firm Website’s Landing Page


Only 2-3% of people visit Google’s second page. That means your site showing up at the top of SERPs matters a great deal. SERP stands for search engine ranking position. It’s a basic SEO term you should know.

Simple SEO means getting your law firm’s site to appear on Google’s first page when someone types in a particular search term. For lawyers, those terms could be geographic-based, like “the best lawyer in Atlanta.” They could relate to the kind of law you practice, like “the best criminal defence attorney near me.”

You can hire an SEO team or individual who can do keyword research for you. They will come up with a list of keywords and phrases that need to appear on your website. They might suggest that you put those terms on your landing page so people will immediately see them if they visit your site.

It Can Help Identify Areas Where You Need to Improve Your Site

SEO also reveals how people interact with websites. The team or individual you hire can use the latest SEO tools to study how people act when they visit your site for the first time.

They can see whether a person signs up for your email list. They can see whether an individual follows you on social media if you have prompts telling them to do that. The SEO team can also see how long a person stays on the site and what pages aside from the landing page they visit.

The SEO team can then change anything on the site that doesn’t seem to get the desired outcome. Ultimately, you want someone to take a particular action when they visit your site. SEO can reveal what to add or subtract from your site to get that conversion you require.

SEO Can Tell You About Your Client Base

You want to come up with an ideal customer profile. That way, you can market to these individuals better. SEO can help you do that as well.

For instance, when your team studies what someone does on your site, it can reveal a lot about that person. Maybe they spend a lot of time on your blog, but only ones having to do with particular legal topics.

They might use your website’s search feature and look for particular terms. Based on those terms, if you identify a pattern, you can add features to the site that the search parameters indicate you need to have.

The more potential client information you gather using and analytics, the more accurate of an ideal client profile you can make. That will help you craft ad campaigns that capture their attention. It will allow your SEO team to come up with pay-per-click ads and identify social media platforms that your clients will most likely use.

It Can Identify What Your Competitors Do Well

You can get your team or the freelancer you use to check out any competing websites in your niche. They can see how much traffic they get and how potential customers interact with those competing sites.

Once they identify what your competitors do that gets them business, you can take steps to surpass that. You don’t necessarily want to directly copy what they do. Instead, you’re trying to offer similar services in a more compelling way.

Your SEO team can change anything on your site that doesn’t seem to captivate your would-be clients. If you offer what your competitors do, but then even more on top of that, you’re liable to steal at least a few customers and get them to hire your law firm.

SEO Gives You More Impact on Your Marketing Dollars

If you hire an SEO team or permanent staff member who knows about optimizing websites, you’re liable to get more clients than you’d attract if you used old or outdated techniques. You can always make TV commercials and air them in local markets. You can create radio spots to air in your geographic region, and you can rent billboards around town advertising your services.

None of that is liable to get you as much business as you’ll see from targeted marketing, though, and SEO can shape any targeted marketing campaign. It takes a scientific approach to improve your online visibility. It’s so much more precise than hit or miss ad campaigns without analytical analysis behind them.

If you hire the right team, they can use on-page SEO for each of your site’s web pages. They can optimize your site by adding images and videos. They’ll want you to create unique content since stock images won’t impress anyone who visits your site.

They will probably want you to optimize things like your title tags, your URL, headers, and other website-related content. You might not think to optimize some of that on your own, but the proper SEO team will not neglect any chance to make your site better, down to the last tiny detail.

Lawyers who don’t use SEO for their sites and ad campaigns might struggle to get clients in 2022. You can still rely on word of mouth to some extent, but reaching the right audience and generating cold leads matter just as much. SEO should be a powerful tool in your arsenal as you compete with others in your industry.

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