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Why Environmental Monitoring is important: 5 Major Reasons

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Global warming! A term almost everyone on this earth has heard at least once in their lifetime. It is slow, ticking time bomb which will spare no one Monitoring.

According to Australian Goverment Bureau of Meteorology, australian climate has warmed by 1.44 ± 0.24 °C since 1910 leading to increase frequency of heat.

This is high time to think about the environment and assess the changes so that we can take necessary action to prevent such damage. Over the years, only a few countries have considered it important and have taken the necessary steps. But it needs strengthening and proper attention.

With proper environmental project management, we can monitor the quality of the environment. The main objective of environmental management or monitoring is to minimize the impact of an organization’s activity on the environment. The main objective is to minimize the impact of an organization’s activity on the environment. Before understanding why in detail, let us look at the type of environment monitoring:

In general, there are four types of environmental monitoring that are done. They are;

  • Air Monitoring
  • Water Monitoring
  • Waste Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing

Now that you have got a basic understanding of environmental monitoring, let us understand the importance of environmental:

❖   Allocation of Population

As time passes by, the population on the earth is rising excessively. Where will this population go? They need a place to live and survive. They cannot just move to any random place and settle down.

If someone is settling down somewhere, they look for a place that meets their requirements. So why would anyone live in a place where the land is so polluted?

Environmental monitoring helps by giving the data to know whether a certain place is suitable for living or not. The monitoring helps people know about any place’s condition based on different requirements.

❖   Monitoring the Quality of Irrigation Water

Monitoring also helps in determining the quality of water. It is important to understand the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of water for irrigation.

Determining the quality of water is important for taking the necessary steps for irrigation.

Sustainable and right irrigation method is important, especially when the scarcity of water is increasing. Aquamonix is a trusted brand in Australia designing tools to measure water quality. Do check them and imbibe a smart irrigation practice.

❖   To Provide Help in Emergency Situations

Every year we face or hear about the natural calamities on the earth. We might be the victims of the disaster or may just come across an incident where a huge number of the population has been victims of that natural disaster.

No matter what type of disaster will occur or of what intensity, you might have noticed that most of the time we get information beforehand. The time when it is likely to come or how intensive its effect would be. And if it is measured that the disaster will cause a huge casualty, the population of that particular place is shifted to another safe place.

How do we get this information about the disaster before it happens? How do the information providers get the information? All of these are possible because of the examination of the environmental condition. The environment helps in predicting the calamities. That is why all the forces are ready to work on dealing with the disaster. 

❖   Help Scientific Research

Environment Monitoring helps in a lot of scientific research to determine pollutants in particular areas. This type of determination is important to predict whether it can harm aquatic life or degrade the quality of living.

This is an important step for the government to know about the place so that the government can take proper action against it.

❖   Guidance to Industries

Any industry present on the earth is a cause of increment in the environmental pollution in one way or another. Therefore, industries have to take care of the level at which they are causing the pollution.

Monitoring the environment helps in making industries aware of what type of pollutants are being released from their site. In this way, they can take steps to decrease the pollution level.

Parting Note

Environment Monitoring is an important measure to understand the current condition of the environment. The information that is collected while monitoring serves as an important parameter in analyzing the impact on the environment.

Environment monitoring gives required information to national policymakers and other international forums.

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