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How to Host Virtual Events: The Complete Guide for Businesses

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Did you know that virtual events are being applauded for their indirect ability to fight climate change?

A recent study shows that the lack of travel is doing wonders for the environment. Hosting a virtual event not only helps the planet but can also benefit your employees and clients.

Are you curious about what virtual events can offer your business? Then read our complete guide all about how to host virtual events!

Scheduling Virtual Events 101

Hosting a virtual event should be a dun and rewarding process. The first thing you need to get started is a comprehensive list of attendees, resources, and objectives.

Every type of business can host a virtual event! Thanks to recent technological advances, large corporations and small businesses alike can create impactful virtual settings to host an event.

Speaking of settings, virtual settings can be enhanced with a variety of free software and resources.

Virtual wallpapers and message boards are popular options for hosts hoping to create a welcoming environment. Be sure to mention these aesthetic options when scheduling your event.

Types of Virtual Events in 2022

What kind of virtual events are available for your business to enjoy? The answer is, any event that you once held in person!

Every event size can be enjoyed remotely or from the comfort of your home. Company luncheons, board meetings, and daily congregations can be scheduled via the internet.

Are you a manager that is required to meet with individuals in private? Great news, you can use the same software to meet with people in both individual and group settings!

The Best Virtual Event Resources

If you do not already own a webcam, now is the time to purchase one! Although most computers come with integrated cameras, a professional camera can enhance pixel quality.

Creating a professional virtual studio will help your employees embrace the turbulence. Outfit your virtual space with engaging backgrounds and graphic design where appropriate.

Most people have adopted a relaxed dress code while working in remote settings. Encourage your employees to get comfortable while attending virtual events! This will help decrease tension and relax participants.

Who Can Enjoy a Virtual Event?

Are virtual events only for corporate office workers? Absolutely not! You can invite outside guests like professional chefs or social media managers into the fold as well.

In fact, virtual events are a wonderful way to get to know your clients better! Consider inviting a prospective client to a virtual meet and greet that you can host online.

Meeting someone in a virtual setting can help everyone become more comfortable and ease anxiety because they can relax in a stress-free environment like their place of residence.

Marketing Virtual Event Promotion

You can use all of your original marketing techniques to spread the word about your virtual event. Take the streets or spread flyers via social media. The choice is yours!

Promoting events on social media, however, could not be simpler. Simply post a digital flyer or multimedia presentation on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Video advertisements, for example, are engaging ways to attract people to your virtual events. If the event is for local attendees then consider using the email blast method or contacting them directly.

A direct method of contact is a personal approach that loyal clients and employees alike can appreciate.

Creating a Virtual Event Budget

Although online event software is typically free, these events can still become expensive after special effects and gifts are added into the equation.

Cut down on collaboration costs this year by sticking to a virtual event budget. The budget can include the following items:

  • Video recording software
  • Sending physical gifts
  • Event T-shirts
  • Branded merchandise
  • Social media marketing fees
  • Webcam equipment
  • Microphone equipment

Although some of these events are not required, it is a good idea to budget for unexpected expenses that can occur along the way.

Virtual Event Etiquette to Follow

Similar to physical events, virtual events follow a set of rules and procedures as well. For example, arriving early is still viewed as important in virtual event spaces.

Are you attending or hosting an event that involves people from different time zones? How exciting! Keep this in mind, however, when scheduling your event to avoid being late.

Another common virtual event procedure is to send a form before or after the event to gauge your audience’s goals and satisfaction levels.

A survey of what your audience wished to gain from the event can help you create virtual event engagement ideas. You can also send a survey after the event to help you know what aspects to change next time.

The Benefits of Virtual Events

There are a variety of benefits of hosting a virtual event. The biggest advantage of going virtual is that you can make the event whatever you need it to be.

Do you have audience members with disabilities planning to attend? Lucky for them, virtual events have an abundance of integration features built-in to their system.

Hosting a virtual event is your ticket to creating an inclusive environment where everyone’s ideas can be heard and appreciated.

Ready to Host Virtual Events?

Now you know all about how to host virtual events! Are you ready to put your new skills to the test?

If so, remember to add personal touches to your virtual event space beforehand. This will help audience members feel relaxed while meeting with you in a virtual setting. Good luck!

Still in need of motivation and inspiration to make your digital debut? Read our other blog articles to become updated on the latest trends and tips.

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