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How To Organize Your Office Desk To Increase Productivity


Where do you spend most of your workday? Do you think sitting? No, I don’t think so. According to studies, the typical American only spends 2 hours and 23 minutes each day sitting at a desk, compared to the time they spend reading the news, using social media, and conversing with coworkers. When it comes to working on business things, it looks that the desk is the least appealing of all of these options — despite being right next to a computer, of course. 

Even if you work from home, you still need to be aware that your workspace, in especially your workstation, has a significant influence on how productive you may be. While sitting at your workstation, how are you going to earn this money?

Here are our 9 tried-and-true strategies for making your workstation your primary source of inspiration for effective work and prolonged concentration.

First and foremost, get to know your plants

No one has to be a vegan or a hippy campaigner to see that plants have a significant positive impact on the environment. They are just there. Our homes, where we spend the majority of our waking hours, are no different. As well as improving air quality and preserving a clear mental state, potted greens can decrease stress and boost output.

Adding a few plants to a basic and minimum workplace environment increased productivity by 15%, according to researchers at the University of Exeter.

The fact that green offices are associated with more contented and productive employees is compelling evidence in favor of making our workplaces more environmentally friendly. Houseplants, on the other hand, are a simple and effective method to brighten up your workspace. Succulents, aloe vera, jade plants, salon palms, dracaenas, and snake plants are all low-maintenance alternatives if you don’t have green thumbs.

Secondly, clean up the mess

This is certainly not a huge shock, but if you’re in desperate need of help, good news! Stapler searching takes an average of 15 minutes every day, which means productivity suffers. Statistics demonstrate that you and your coworkers are both harmed by a chaotic desktop. According to the poll, 41 percent of office employees feel that a clean and organized work environment is essential to getting the job done and increasing one’s prospects of promotion.

In addition to losing valuable time searching for lost objects by the time you retire, clutter on your desk may also be a contributing factor in your stress levels. An untidy desk is something that you should not let slip. This might lead to mental exhaustion and a worsening of your bad habit of procrastination.

Do not forget to save all important things in your drawers after cleaning! To organize them use wooden drawer dividers – look at the example one

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It’s best not to tidy up anything on your desk in this situation. The system is essential to a well-ordered dining room. Set aside a designated area for writing implements, such as pens, paperclips, and folders. Sort your papers using marks. Everything should be rearranged at the end of each day so that at least 80% of your table is clear. As a result, you’ll be able to begin each workday with a tidy workstation and clear head.

Make it your own to keep you motivated

What if you just got rid of all the stuff on your desk and adopted a minimalist look? In any case, you should probably do this, and not simply for the sake of impressing your employer. Many firms, in fact, restrict the number and sort of personal objects that may be put on the desks of their workers.

Based on numerous management theories, particularly popular in the 1990s in which clean desks were credited with enhancing concentration and productivity, this method was adopted. As long as your workstation has just the tools and materials you need to execute a certain task, you’ll likely only spend your time doing what you need to do. However, current evidence contradicts these authoritative and rigorous management beliefs.

When we personalize our workspace, particularly in an open office, we are better able to handle distractions and stress, have more control over our workdays (and hence better manage our time), and build a pleasant working connection with our workplace. In fact, according to Craig Knight, psychologist and founder of the company that uses science to improve business performance, having our personal belongings on the table makes us work harder because “it gives us a sense of identity in the workplace, where we might otherwise feel like cogs in a car.”

Even if it’s raining, a cup of coffee in your favorite mug with a happy picture of pals can lift your spirits. All it takes is a good disposition to get things done.

There is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on what works best for you and your objectives. If you find yourself often distracted by a bright red poster on the wall or by your dog’s souvenirs, attempt to reduce the amount of clutter in your workspace. It’s possible that if you’re more interested in particular trinkets, this Einstein statement is the one for you: “If a messy desk is an indication of a messy mind, then what?” Does the fact that there is no one at the table mean anything?”

Keep all your useless little things in the storage box set (visit this page):

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Stay focused and avoid being sidetracked

It’s not your private life that’s getting in the way. Other people’s voices and movements are what elicit this response. Research has shown that the background noise of irregular voice waves had the greatest impact on mindfulness, reading and processing text, and the ability to deal with numbers. An odd cough or conversation, especially if you operate in an open workplace, might easily detract from an important task.

Employees who don’t have their own space have been shown to have higher levels of stress and weariness. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to sit, try to reduce the amount of noise in the room. Music isn’t always helpful for everyone. While listening to music might help you focus, cognitive researcher Daniel Levitin found that it actually decreases your productivity if you aren’t working on repetitive chores.

Check out these active noise-canceling headphones if you have trouble concentrating on work because music is too distracting for you.

Coworkers who continually harass you with non-work-related conversations and gossip should be put on notice. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to these distractions, you may want to choose the Luxafor Flag LED light. Just set it to red or another color that indicates that I’m busy, and respectfully avoid needless chats that interfere with your job.

Colors that inspire you might be used in this regard

Color is well-known to have a psychological influence on our mood and productivity when it comes to color. Because most workplaces are decorated in boring, neutral hues, it’s no wonder that people don’t want to spend their time there.

Color psychologists believe that each of the four fundamental colors—red, blue, green, and yellow—affects human cognitive function in a unique manner and is better suited to a certain setting. If you’re a tradesman, personal trainer or any physically demanding job that requires the color red, put it to good use.

When you need to focus on a task, calming blue is the color of choice. It’s also ideal for communicating with coworkers and for administrative activities. You may always add a dash of orange for some more creativity. In contrast, yellow is a color that promotes creativity and is well-suited to the needs of entrepreneurs and inventors. For those who are striving to achieve their best at work, green is the color of choice.

No matter how limited your decorating options are, you can still make yourself happy by adding a touch of your favorite color to the room. Choose a brilliant, non-slip table mat, colorful flower pots for your potted plants, or a mug that gives you the boost you need. Make your office your happiest place by decorating with colors that make you happy.

Avoid exhaustion by staying hydrated

Make sure you don’t get distracted by the coffee, and don’t forget to drink some water, too! A direct correlation exists between water use and production levels. There is a vicious loop in which slight dehydration may cause weariness and headaches, and when you are fatigued you are more inclined to go for the coffee.

According to several studies, seventy-five percent of Americans who are employed do not meet the daily water intake recommendation of 10 glasses.

Knowing that water coolers are commonplace in most workplaces implies that a better solution is needed. Choose an eco-friendly reusable bottle and put it on your desk as a continual reminder when you return to the water cooler.

Assume that your desktop is your workstation

Having a desktop full of files and folders that aren’t organized may be just as frustrating as having piles of paper on your desk. It’s also a waste of time to name your papers haphazardly since you’ll wind up wasting a lot of time looking for a single document like asfvhjg1.docx.

In the same way that folders and subfolders should be organized, so should the labels on each folder and subfolder. You should only keep files on your desktop for a few days at a time (not months!). And at the end of the week, put the unsorted files back where they belong. Knowing exactly where to search can save you a great deal of time.

Your desktop picture may also be changed if your workplace allows it. This collection of 143 motivational quotations for your work success will help you create a mood board of your aspirations, discover a gorgeous image in relaxing or exciting hues, post your favorite picture of your loved ones, or just inspire yourself with a fascinating statement. The more often you are reminded of a goal, the more likely it is that you will achieve it.

However, even if you have a Zen garden picture as your desktop wallpaper, your eyes will weary and you will be more tired as a result. This may be avoided by installing a blue light filter on your computer’s desktop.

Consider where you want to set your shop

The appropriate illumination is critical to both getting the task done effectively and feeling good while doing it. Lighting for diverse activities necessitates a variety of options. If you’re working with text or tiresome tables of numbers, what works for the person editing or color correcting the film may not work for you. Identify the best lighting for your work environment and learn how to properly illuminate your workplace.

A room’s ambiance may be greatly enhanced by bringing in plenty of natural light. If you have a choice in where you work, go for a spot with a window. Lighting, noise, humidity, temperature, and carbon emissions can all be measured with this stylish Luxafor Meteo office device. Your workplace’s health and productivity will be assessed using this tool.

Don’t undervalue the importance of a good chair

It’s likely that your business chair is more comfortable than your home sofa. Because of this, it is critical to choose a chair that is both comfortable and functional. Uncomfortable seats have a direct correlation with a person’s ability to function well. When your posture is damaged and productivity suffers, it’s best to avoid a stool that causes back pain.

When it comes to nice ergonomic chairs, don’t be afraid to choose one that isn’t as fashionable as you’d want. Do not hesitate to ask for a new chair at the workplace if you are suffering from back discomfort.

Don’t forget about physical activities as well. Spend some time walking around, stretching, and getting your blood flowing. In the workplace, “sitting-standing work” has become a common practice among employees. Allowing employees to switch between sitting and standing often may help prevent long-term health issues, correct posture, and boost productivity.

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