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How to Plan a Successful Company Dinner


Your company works together, and now it is time to eat together. More than 11 million Americans work in food services and drinking places. Many of them help with corporate events, including company dinners.

A company dinner is a great chance to bring people at your company together. But you can’t just throw one and expect to be successful?

What event organization tips do you need to follow for your dinner? What should your schedule for the dinner look like? How can you help with the menu?

Answer these questions and you can plan an event that will bring your whole company together. Here is your quick guide.

Select an Event Venue

Your venue sends the scene for your corporate dinner. If you want, you can serve food inside a conference room in your office. This is ideal for upper managers and senior employees, but it may seem a little too stuffy.

You should select a different location instead. An obvious place to go is a high-end restaurant where you can find a private room. This makes serving food easier, though it may make it hard to deliver a speech.

You can go to a club or hotel. These buildings tend to have on-site kitchens and waiting staff. But you may need to pay a lot of money, and noise may be substantial if you are near other parties.

Whatever venue you decide, you will need to make reservations. Visit a website like to make them. Do not assume you have made your reservation until you get confirmation.

Create an Agenda

Once you have picked a location, you want to set a schedule for the night. Your dinner does not have to last longer than a few hours.

But you should leave plenty of time for networking. If your dinner is three hours, schedule two hours for conversations and one for presentations.

You should try to keep on time, but you should leave some wiggle room. Your guests may want an extra ten minutes to finish their courses or order some drinks. Read the room before moving on to your next agenda item.

Provide Limited Options

The menu is a limited item in terms of event planning. Most venues offer a prix fixe dinner menu, restricting courses to one or two options.

In exchange for the lack of options, there are several small courses. This gives guests the opportunity to sample from different cuisines and styles.

You should also restrict the wine selections. Pick a few different wines that will match your dishes. If your guests want to order additional cocktails, let them do so.

What Your Company Dinner Should Look Like

Don’t panic when you have to prepare a company dinner. Find a venue that speaks to your occasion. A restaurant or a resort is usually a good bet.

Leave a few hours for your guests to mingle together. You may want to give some extra time after dinner so people can finish their food.

Select a prix fixe menu so your guests can sample from different dishes. You should choose a few wines, but give people opportunities to order their own drinks.

Event planning does not have to be a pain. Follow our coverage for more event organization guides.

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