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How to Plan Effectively for Your Arrival in Hong-Kong


 It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 Hong disease outbreak across the world. Several travel advisories, restrictions, and safety regulations have been put in place by both governments and airlines to upscale the well-being of its passengers as they travel in the Covid-19 era.

While the goal is to get back to the usual lifestyle and revive the injured economies, careful considerations have been administered since the battle against the pandemic is not over yet.

Are you planning on traveling to Hong Kong?

Well, here is the good news; you can still book yourself a flight to the destination.

Mobile apps for your selected airline are available to enable you to stay in control of your travel schedules.

Your passport is an essential requirement! Do not forget to carry it along.

Technology has made the world a global village; therefore, online booking for comfortable accommodation should not be too much of a hustle.

However, it is essential to note the latest Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure. With the pandemic situation ongoing with changes in the reported positivity rates, it is crucial to get the most recent updates regarding arrival procedures and how they affect your plan to avoid getting frustrated.

It is generally beneficial to understand the Covid-19 situation and containment measures in your travel destination before visiting.

Like the case in most countries, Covid-19 testing is a requirement upon arrival in Hong Kong.

Here are some of the tips to ensure a smooth process in the steps for taking the test:

i. Before landing, ensure you download a Hong Kong health declaration and quarantine form available on the Hong Kong Department of Health website free of charge and fill all the required fields.

ii. A temperature scan and security check are mandatory upon landing.

iii. The QR code obtained upon filling a health declaration form is scanned, and a testing kit and a unique QR code are issued.

iv. Proceed to the registration area, where you will be directed to a testing booth where the medics do the COVID-19 test (combined nasal and throat swab).

v. Confirm the details of your hotel reservations if you are traveling from or passed through specific countries. At this stage, you will be required to confirm that you have installed the StayHomeSafe mobile app and are wearing the electronic wristband.

The wristband and app are designed for monitoring to ensure a person stays in the designated location during the quarantine period.

vi. Wait for about 2-4 hours for the results of your test.

During this period, the government officials keep your quarantine order.

vii. Follow the set guidelines for transportation to your hotel for the 21-day quarantine requirement.

viii. Upon arrival at the hotel, activate the StayHomeSafe app and follow the instructions of exercising and checking body temperature.

ix. Other sample tests will be conducted within the quarantine period according to the government regulations.

Ensure you carry a folder to hold the paperwork neatly and avoid confusion and mixing up the forms.

There are always travel assistants who you may consult in case of any assistance or clarifications.

It is advisable to include the potential cost of the test hong in your budget or confirm the limits of your medical insurance if need be.

Exercising patience and cooperation during the whole process is very important.

The duration during which you await the results could hong feel like ages if you were not well prepared. To avoid getting bored or stressed up, ensure you include the following in your trip checklist;

-A power backup for your mobile phone.

-A book to keep you occupied.

-Snacks for yourself and the kids.


-Warm clothing such as scarves and sweaters, especially in the cold season.

-Essentials for the smaller children such as toys.

While it may be tempting to interact with strangers in the waiting area, safety should be prioritized.

Remember to be cautious as you wait by putting on your mask properly, maintaining social distance at all times, and adhering to all other protocols set by the airport.

By staying updated on the arrival requirements and packing all the necessities, you can be assured of a seamless experience upon arrival at the airport.

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