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How to Retain the Top Talent in Your Organization


Employees are the driving force of any organization. They are as well an essential asset of an organization that brings about or contributes the most to the success of an organization.

Talented and capable employees are elusive, and when you find them, you need to do specific things to make them stay with the organization. Regardless of giving bonuses and incentives, a few employees leave the organization because sometimes employees need quality and development more than money.

We can say that cash probably won’t be the main component that drives the employees. Some elements and variables contribute to or act as a factor in staying the employees with the organization for a more drawn-out period. To assist you with being familiar with those variables, we have recorded them below.

Top Talent in Your Organization

1) Focus on the preboarding and onboarding

Preboarding is the stage before onboarding, that is, the stage of interviews and assessment. When you interview the candidate, make sure to understand what the candidate expects from the job. Performing quality preboarding and explaining the job description properly and the company’s goal significantly impacts the candidates.

When your candidates are well aware of what is expected of them and that their goal is aligned with your’s goal, it leads to better productivity. When you clearly explain the questions of candidates and answer their queries without causing delay, candidates might think that they made the right choice. 

An efficient and smooth onboarding promotes the feeling of belongingness in the organization. Preboarding and onboarding is pretty much the first stage where a candidate gets in contact with the organization. It is these stages that help a candidate learn about the organization. So, you must focus on these processes.

2) Focus on employee development

Every professional has certain expectations when they join any organization. Personal growth and skill development might be one of those expectations. Not every individual is after a salary, and some might be looking for ways to increase their productivity, enhance their skills, and develop new capabilities. When they join any organization, the first thing they consider is growth.

To fulfill these expectations, organizations must provide them the opportunity to grow by providing necessary employee training. You can conduct employee training on a very affordable budget with various LMS software such as sap litmos. Also, the training should be relevant and personalized to the individual’s needs, profile and goals.

When you focus on the development of your employees, they grow, and at the same time, they help the company grow. It also sends out a positive impression within the company that the organization is willing to invest in employees’ growth and development, motivating employees to work harder.  

3) Motivate when required:

Appreciating the efforts of employees is something they might need at times. The hard workers who succeed and the hard workers who fail at times require motivation. When you identify these individuals and motivate them, they feel that the organization cares about their mental state and their efforts.

4) Good pay scale:

Even though employees might have personal development more than monetary benefits in their minds, money still matters. Hence, you must offer your employees a decent salary to stay motivated. Every organization needs to pay competitive compensation to its employees.

You should also notice and evaluate your employees’ performance to see if they deserve more salary or incentive than they are getting. When you assure your employee by giving incentives or increments they deserve, you take one step close to employee retention. You can also provide your employees with insurance, healthcare plans, and reimbursements to keep them happy.

5) Seek feedback

Associate with your employees, see whether they are facing any challenges in the working environment, and consistently seek and value their feedback. Especially in remote working, it is vital to know about the criticism from your employees.

Direct execution audits routinely to comprehend where your representatives stand presently and how they can move along. 

Talk with your workers about their short objectives and allow them to understand how the organization can assist them with developing. Discuss the organization’s future objectives and spread out a reasonable arrangement on how representatives and the association work consolidated to arrive at their objectives together.


It costs you a great deal of expense irrespective of how many employees you hire, and it will cost you the same amount when you hire one employee or ten employees. Also, hiring can be an exhaustive task in such a case; you can not let go of the top talents that you acquire. Top talents are the great resources of your organization, hence, making it essential to retain such employees with excellent knowledge and experience.

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