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How To Rock Casual Dresses?


Casual outfits come in different designs. The trick here is to choose a style that suits you. Likewise, dresses are essential attires that every woman should possess.

They are elegant, comfortable, and effortless to wear, and highlight feminine curves. Nowadays you can wear a dress in almost every formal or informal setting.

Gone are the times when the only garments that every “decent” woman could wear were suits and heavy dresses.

Today there are so many trendy and sporty-chic dresses for women available. You can combine this look with matching sneakers, sandals, and other accessories.

Pick a style

For you to create a casual and relaxed look, there is a specific dress style for that. Not all dresses are designed for a casual look. Here are some of the best options:

Maxi dresses

Maxis are elegant and comfortable to wear. If you are looking for an outfit that is long and at the same time classy and sexy, then the maxis will do. This outfit highlights the feminine curves while lending elegance and drama to the look. The most common designs are wide silhouettes, tight-fitting and loose versions. You can wear a maxi any time of the year, but preferably during summer with matching accessories.

Short dresses

Short dresses also known as mini dresses are very popular in today’s fashion world. Almost every lady has one in their closet.

They come in fitted and semi-fitted silhouettes and have a short hemline that is mid-thigh long. You can wear these comfy and flirty minis with sneakers or flats to make them more stylish.

Often, you can wear them to a casual brunch, the park, or in the streets when the weather is conducive.

A-line dresses

If you are looking for a dress that can give you an informal look during the day and an elegant twist during the night, this might be a perfect choice.

The A-line dress gets its name from its triangular design. The silhouette of this attire falls on the waist and bust and it reaches nears the hem it widens.

Its simplicity and comfort make it ideal for a casual look. See this link to read more about Aline dresses https://stylesatlife.com/articles/a-line-dress/.

Bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are trendy fashion icons. They are the complete opposite of tunics in terms of fitting and style.

Not only does it conform to the body but also brings out your femininity. If you love flaunting off your curves, this is the outfit for you.

They come in a tube-like design, sleeved or sleeveless. You can pair this outfit with matching sneakers and a leather jacket.



Shirt dresses resemble a tailored formal shirt, the one you wear together with a suit. It generally features a collar, row buttons from top to bottom, and varying sleeve lengths.

You can wear it either long or short depending on your style. You may add a leather belt around the waist to make it more stylish.

Some feature a matching fabric belt that is already sewed on the dress, meaning you do not have to buy an extra belt to compliment your style.

Tunic Dresses

Tunics have a simple and free design which is rectangular. The sides are straight and it does not show the body curves. Likewise, the size of the garment varies, some are long while others stop slightly above the knee. The fact that it has a versatile style, it looks good on most body shapes.

Print dresses

Wearing a printed dress can be a fun and classic way of expressing your personality. You can choose between a floral design or polka dots or any other pattern that brings out the real you. For a wilder look, choose one with animal prints. The key lies in what will make you achieve that outstanding look. Click here to read more.


The main trick behind a stunning look is knowing how to balance. Whether you prefer a maxi or a low-cut mini, how you mix your accessories to compliment your look matters a lot. From the shoes you choose to wear to your hairstyle and jewelry, you can either choose to keep it sporty and casual or elegantly formal. Bags are also a necessity and if you love leggings and stockings, choose those with fun patterns and colors. And remember, your body size matters when choosing an outfit.

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