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How to Start Coin Collections for Beginners


From finding an interesting coin in pocket change to a spontaneous purchase on a vacation, many hobbyists start coin collections on a whim.

But if you want to build a great collection, you need a plan and strategy, along with getting yourself educated about the field.

If you aren’t sure how to get started, this guide provides you a few tips to get you on your way to becoming a true numismatist.

Develop a Strategy

Before you go running off buying up every coin you see, take some time to figure out just what kind of collection you want to have. A good coin collecting strategy starts with figuring out what kind of coins you like, such as ones from a specific country or historical era. You might even want a specific type like challenge coins from places like

Once you know what interests you, setting a coin collection budget can decrease your risk by keeping you from spending more than you should. Knowing what you want to spend is a key component of any strategy.

Consider setting some goals for your collection as well, whether the number of coins or a specific coin set. This increases the fun as you seek to fill out your collection and meet your goal.

Get an Education

Learning about your coins and the hobby in general can help you get the most out of it. At a minimum, you should learn more about evaluating coins so you can know the worth of your collection and avoid scams.

Many resources are available, including books on coin collecting, clubs, trade shows, and any local coin shops. Learning from a more experienced collector can help you avoid the pitfalls they encountered.

As you spend time with other collectors, you’ll also start to pick up the lingo of the trade. Learning how to talk about coins helps you understand what you’re looking at when you go to a coin show or talk to a dealer.

Create a Storage System

Even if you only have a few coins, you want to have a way to store them to maintain their value. Collectible coins should be handled carefully, and you should never use coin cleaning tools on them as that can diminish their value.

Storing coin collections helps them hold their value over time. You can use albums or folders that keep the coins stored away or display boxes that allow you to show them off. The goal is to protect them from humidity, acid, air pollution, and rough handling while still being able to admire them.

Ready to Start Coin Collections?

If you’re looking for an interesting hobby, you can’t go wrong with coin collecting. The tips here on how to start coin collections give you a solid foundation for a fun time and potentially profitable pastime. Learning more about types of coins can help you develop your strategy and build your collection.

If you found this article helpful, check out our other lifestyle posts for more on hobbies and other fun ways to spend your free time.

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