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How To Study Fashion- Learn The Ropes from Industry Experts


Fashion is a finger-on-tool art that requires you to employ various techniques in unleashing your skills and feasible imaginations. It comprises several bodies of knowledge that relate to each other’s operation. Consequently, you cannot study fashion design as a branch without intermingling with accessories, lifestyle, hairstyle, etc. To study fashion, you will need to brace yourself with basics in Art and Design.

Such things as sketch drawing, painting, and you do well to have elementary knowledge on elements and principles of drawing. To help you gain first-hand knowledge, fashion schools employ seasoned industrial hands-on experience expertise to teach newbies in the business.

Fields in fashion

It is essential to understand the many certificates you can accrue in studying fashion. Below is a list of the courses you will study in fashion.

  • Fashion design and technology
  • Knitted textiles and fashion knitwear design
  • Fashion jewellery
  • Fashion contour
  • Fashion bags and accessories

Additionally, fashion design and technology incorporates various aspects, such as menswear, womenswear, and sportswear. Those interested in textile fashion design will focus on the practical application of embroidery, printmaking techniques, fabrics sampling, colours, and silhouettes.

Besides fabrics, related textiles, and accessories, some online fashion classes offer studies in the following courses:

  • Fashion communication and promotion
  • Fashion photography
  • Fashion styling
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion management, etc

 If you want to study fashion, you need to choose the best field to pursue. The most concentrated yet ever marketable course that many designers take is fashion design and technology. Following advancements in internet technology, you can now study fashion online.

How to study fashion

The fashion market is such a friendly place to engage in that you don’t need to have gone to a unique school to be successful. Studying fashion should promote the creation of skills, passion for the art, and personal portfolio to help a student manoeuvre in the business with ease. Those who major in fashion design have a greater possibility of creating connections and gaining design tools that sweep across the board. If you are taking online classes, you have the advantage of learning from the experts. To sail comfortably in your studies, however, several reminders should come to mind.

Research on the industry

Logic has it that before you decide on studying any course, you will do well to make a few visits to the industry’s platform for familiarity reasons. Doing some homework doesn’t hurt one in the long run than the aftermath of forgoing it.

No one wants to land on a course only to realize that the demands are way too hard to withstand. As you will expect, no industry is free from challenges and risks. The fashion industry is no exception. Collecting enough information on the current trends of the industry can help you cite potential opportunities as well as risks in the field of choice.

Learn the basics individually

You will want to have preliminary knowledge of what your course entails as a way of bracing yourself for classes. As such, learning the ABCs of your course, for instance, drawing, sewing, template-making, etc., is a crucial stepping stone in your sojourn. If you can master the basics on your own, rest assured you will go far in the fashion industry. Consequently, starting early will be a fair move for your studies. 

You do well to begin as early as several weeks to three months to lay a solid foundation. Additionally, having some prior knowledge and experience in your field of training will boost your grasp on topics in your course.

Create personal samples

There is nothing wrong with trying out your skill on the fashion path of choice. Here, you will need to make a go on the practical application of the course requirement. For instance, try putting on new make-ups and comparing them with the stylish-effect they have on you or volunteers. If you opt for fashion photography, you would want to take lots of pictures with your camera and select the best out of your pictures. If your choice is fashion design, you do well to take on pattern drafting steps to the last one.

Create your portfolio

A portfolio is a first-hand recommendation tool that will speak for you before most schools accept your application to study fashion in their college. As such, building it is essential to your quest to land a place in the school. How do you proceed? Get as many relevant samples of your designs, pictures, patterns- all of those- and compile them.

Most undergraduate programs prefer portfolios to gauge your interest and qualifications for the course. However, for graduate programs, research proposals are an additional requirement. At this stage, you are all set to start your journey on serious terms, but only one thing is missing.

Try out specialized fashion design schools

Certified fashion design schools are a great place that all fashion students would like to take their course studies. As such, you can get various classes that majors on unique sets of training and some that have concentrations on specific units. Industry professionals are a crucial part that these schools outsource on a short-term and contract basis to aid in teaching.

Before you decide on a fashion school, you do well to check on its notable alumni, accreditation, and internship opportunities. Today, it is more than a norm to get online fashion classes at the convenience of the student. As such, you are not cut-out on getting your certificate due to not attending classes in a physical state.

Get an internship

Before you graduate, you will need an internship place to further your hands-on experience studies. An internship with a fashion firm is the best start to your career as a fashion practitioner. You will gain essential skills in the business world, ranging from the market operational trend to negotiating your pay from your services.


Since time immemorial, fashion has been at the epicentre of human society. To date, you cannot separate fashion from human daily activities. That is partly why the market will never run short of fashion stylists, designers, etc. With such an open market opportunity for all, many have ventured into this field.

Currently, the easiest way to access fashion skills and competence is by applying for online classes that offer virtual training.  The industry incorporates a range of fields that intertwine at different levels forming a web that ties disciplines in the business together. As we have seen, jump-starting yourself in your study journey goes a long way to helping you succeed in the global fashion industry.

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