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Coupon Tips 101: How To Score Cheap Food


In the US, Americans spend almost 10% of their total disposable income on food. If this feels like way too much for you, and you want to save up more money, then you might be wondering how to decrease your spending on food.

It’s inevitable that you have to spend some cash to eat. You need to ingest food to survive, after all.

But there are definitely some smarter choices to make so you can put more money in your bank instead of your stomach. And yes, that even includes fast food!

Do you want to know some coupon tips so you can score some cheap food? Then read on, because we’re going to give you some amazing food coupon tips!

Download Apps for Establishments

This tip might take a little bit of work, plus it may generate a lot of distracting push notifications. So if you’re no good at resisting temptation, then this tip might not be the best one to take. However, if you can practice good self-control, downloading apps for your favorite establishments can really pay off.

Take the time to go through your app store and download the apps for all the places you like to eat at. This should automatically enable your phone to receive push notifications of the latest offers available at these establishments. In fact, this will allow you to receive exclusive deals reserved just for app users.

If you plan carefully, you’ll be able to get some great discounts and even some free food at times!

Sign up for Email Lists

This is the more old-school way of amassing coupons for food, but it’s a tried and tested way to do so, so you can’t go wrong with this.

When you check out restaurant websites, there’s often the option on one of the pages to sign up for their email lists. This also gives you the chance to get exclusive deals every once in a while.

Signing up for email lists also gets you some fantastic deals and/or free food on your birthday, so if that’s coming up soon, take full advantage of it. If you combine enough of the tips on here, it’s entirely possible to eat for free during your entire birthday week!

Clip Coupons From Newspapers

If you want to go really old-school, then this is it. You might still get newspapers and mailers, and in most cases, you throw them out before even taking a look through them.

But what you’re missing out on are some potentially great deals!

We’ll admit that clipping physical coupons might be one of the most time-consuming ways to get cheap/free food. But if you have the time, it can be a fun hobby. In fact, some people even find it relaxing!

Don’t be afraid to go all out and get a coupon binder. This will allow you to store all relevant coupons and plan accordingly for meals so you can take full advantage of the deals you find.

Save Coupons From Your Deliveries

If you’ve already thrown out the food, packaging, and bags from your last takeout order, then it might be too late to get savings on your next order. However, this is a good habit to start, as it can help you save a lot in the future.

When you order from anywhere, they’ll usually throw in a fast food coupon for your next order. This is to keep customers coming back for more!

Make sure you don’t just throw out everything after you’re done eating. When you receive your bag of food, go through it to see what coupons are included and then file them away for the future.

If you do this in a smart way, you’ll never have to pay full price for any takeout orders in the future.

Subscribe to Coupon Sites

Don’t want to spend time scouring the internet and flyers for good food coupons? Then subscribe to coupon sites!

These websites are run by people who are dedicated to finding internet users the best deals around. You can subscribe to their sites to gets daily deals emailed to you, or you can just go browse them when you’re feeling hungry.

For example, you can get things like free Crazy Bread from Little Caesar’s by looking at these sites.

Some of them also have their own apps, so make sure you download them if possible. That makes searching for coupons for takeout super easy, meaning you won’t have to waste much time to save money while ordering your favorite food.

Some Tips for Grocery Shopping

All our above tips are for ordering takeout. But of course, the best way to save money is to cook at home as often as possible.

To further save money, here are some good tips for grocery shopping:

  • Stick to only buying things on sale, as much as possible
  • Frequently check the clearance racks
  • Stack coupons if possible
  • Only buy things that are in season (they’re priced cheaper)
  • Sign up for loyalty programs
  • Buy generic when possible
  • Only buy what you need to reduce food waste

By putting these grocery shopping tips into place, you’ll keep even more money in the bank!

Put These Coupon Tips to Use to Get Some Cheap Food

This article has now given you several coupon tips so you can get some amazing food deals. Of course, finding the best deals for food coupons might take some work.

But in the end, it’ll all be worth it. Not only will you learn some serious couponing skills, but you’ll also find those killer deals that’ll let you save a ton and put more money toward the important things in life.

Did you enjoy these tips on using coupons for food? Then read more of our blog for more money-saving advice!

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