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How to write a Formal Letter: Peculiarities of Business Correspondence


Proper business correspondence plays a significant role in the life of any company. For example, the sales department constantly sends out commercial offers and notifications to loyal customers, the accounting and legal departments send informational letters, and the top management gives instructions to all the employees or a separate subdivision by means of business correspondence.

All these activities take a large amount of working time, so most modern companies often carry out initiatives to optimize this process: some companies use self-made templates, while others use a sample taken from other sources.

What a formal letter should be like

There are several criteria by which it is possible to distinguish an official letter from a simple business or personal correspondence:

  1. use of company letterhead or indication of the name of the sending organization;
  2. mentioning the details of the company and the name of the person in charge in the letter;
  3. presence of a signature and a seal (stamp);
  4. date of sending the correspondence.

As a rule, all these data (except for the date, which changes) are entered in the formal letter template, so that you do not waste time on writing them later. Employees in different departments prepare formal letter templates based on the specifics of the department of vudu com start.


There are also some tacit rules concerning official correspondence which should be followed:

  • The letter should be as concise as possible and contain facts related exclusively to the topic;
  • The most important part of the message should be placed at the beginning or at the end of the letter;
  • If there are several topics to be covered, the text should be structured to facilitate perception;
  • You can underline important parts of the text by using fonts and underlines.

You should not use constructions in the text that may cause difficulty in reading (complex turns or special terms). The sentences should be short and Business laconic so that they can be easily perceived. This is certainly one of the most important criteria for writing a formal letter.

How to optimize the process of official Business correspondence

The easiest way to accelerate this procedure is to create templates by topic and then use them to compose your emails. However, the process of preparing templates itself is quite time-consuming and dependent on the human factor. Therefore, many companies use ready-made sample letters, which they only slightly edit for their own needs.

Online service Pandadoc offers an extensive library of document samples for different occasions to its clients. The advantage of working with this resource is that there is no need to sign documents manually, but it is possible to provide an electronic signature, which has the same legal effect.

All of this makes it possible to achieve a significant optimization of the process for conducting official correspondence and gives the opportunity to use the time saved to achieve other defined tasks.

In addition to working with documents, the service offers other useful tools, such as integration with CRM systems, the possibility of collaborative work on any document, archive and analytics of document flow in the company. A free trial period allows you to check all the Business features in action and make an informed decision on the use of the service in your company.

Any business develops if it keeps up with the times, and if you are setting yourself ambitious goals, you should think about using new developments in the field of document management and carrying out official correspondence.

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