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How To Write Or Modify An Article On Wikipedia?


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia where everyone can write, edit and translate information about virtually any type of information. There are currently 35.3 million articles in all languages.

The key to its success is that it is based on an open program, which allows everyone to edit and update the contents. You just have to cite a reference publication to validate the added information. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia developed collaboratively by some of its readers. Many users constantly improve the articles, thousands of changes are made that are recorded entirely in the histories of each voice and that can be seen on the page of recent changes. All articles are always improvable, correcting spelling or grammar mistakes, improving the writing, expanding the content and improving bibliographic references.

How many times has Wikipedia been extraordinarily useful? Think that all Wikipedia articles are written by volunteers and Wikipedia Writers, by people like you who have dedicated part of their free time to share their knowledge with the rest of the world in their language and in a selfless way. If you are a student, you can also share everything you learn in the classroom with the rest of the world. Thus, everyone can benefit.

If you want to help disseminate information or simply practice your writing skills, here are a few steps you have to follow to write an article:

Choose the language

Enter the Wikipedia site of the language in which you want to write, be it your native language or a foreign language over which you have great command. Part of the international site to find the available languages.

Search for an original theme

First you need to perform a search to see if the article you want to write about already exists. If the theme is popular or well known, it is very likely that it already exists.

If the item already exists, it will appear when you search for it. Otherwise, a list of search results will appear. Look at the list, because the theme may be expressed under a different headline. The search term may redirect you to another article, which implies that you can create a unique article with the term you have chosen.

Think about why to create that article

If that article does not exist and you want to create it, first ask yourself the following: is it a suitable topic for an encyclopedia? Will anyone be interested in reading it? Can it be verified through other references?

If the answer to any of them is “no”, it is not convenient to create that article since those that do not arouse interest or cannot be verified are erased and with it all your effort.

Create your article

If you can see a link called “Create this article”, click there. If you can’t see the option, locate below where it says “Search,” and it will say, “You searched (thematic).” Click on the title you searched for.

Log in or create your account

You can easily edit an existing Wikipedia article without creating an account, but to create a completely new article, you must get an account. Click on “Login or create an account”. If you already have an account, enter your information, and if you do not have it, create an account.

Start writing

You must have a large empty space to write your article. Write a short introduction (called ‘lead’), and then the body of the note. Try to be of a reasonable and informative length. When you finish, remember to save.

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