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Foundational Elements of Content Marketing: For Business Owners

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Content is the god-particle of digital marketing. Alternatively, in Bill Gates’ famous words “content is king”. In 2020, all types of businesses require an impeccable content marketing strategy in order to survive the current age’s competitiveness. The growing demand for technology and rising E-commerce business stakes have made content marketing the primary aspect in any time of promotion.

Nevertheless, what makes the Higgs boson of digital marketing work so well? The short answer is, content urges readers into taking an action. The longer answer, however, requires understanding the key elements of content marketing properly. Regardless, the core element of content marketing is drawing attention with appeasing material. How do you fashion that core component? You need to understand these foundational aspects of content marketing properly.

Research and Analysis

The cornerstone of any state of the art content marketing is thoroughly conducted research. This includes extensive studying of customer behaviour, as well as market currents. Specifically website demographics in order to determine the type of audience. Remember, without knowing whom you are writing for, it is futile to put that first word on the paper. Therefore, identify your demographics according to the product or service.

Another important aspect of analysing is studying sales data. Not only will that answer questions like who buys what, but it will also answer what to sell to whom. Additionally, surveys can provide you with viable information regarding what people expect from a product or service. Therefore, ensure viable strategies regarding surveys and study them thoroughly.

Customer Identity

The sole purpose of marketing is to make sure the word of your product or service reaches the right person. Therefore, identifying your market, or customers, is the most important aspect before you begin writing. The research and analysis part should help you understand your market, but this aspect helps you understand your customer’s persona. Therefore, it includes extensive research as well.

The type of research when identifying customers require a thorough study of age and gender. Two of the most important facets of marketing. Who is looking for what? Answer: This age group of this gender searched for this. Google provides a plethora of tools that can help you with this. Nevertheless, other important aspects of customer identity include income. In some cases, it is perhaps the most important aspect, considering you must price your product or service according to this.

Studying average income per capita of the specific market you are targeting, can help you immensely. Other aspects of customer identity include traditional aspects like values and objectives. Influence of culture on a market, as well as purchase preferences and personal fears.

Brand Policy

Once you identify your market and your audience, you need to plant your foot firmly. In other words, devise a viable brand policy. Brand policies are important because they take a huge chunk of brand identity and recognition. The primary purpose of a brand policy is providing one voice to your teams or employees. In order to speak in unison, you need to get things clear like the personality, as well as the voice. Remember, this policy will become synonymous with your brand, so design it accordingly.

Promotional Objectives

You can consider promotional objectives a part of your brand policy. However, it specifically deals with identifying yearly or quarterly goals. This allows you to identify your approach properly. Additionally, gives you an idea of how you need to modify your policies and strategies in order to achieve said objectives.

If you have an established business, then you need to emphasize your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Conversely, it is just as important for business start-ups. However, some KPIs that work for other business may not work for you. Therefore, it is imperative to understand and identify your own KPIs. Some of these KPIs include:

  1. Type of content popular in one specific demographic or psychographic
  2. Brand recognition. Popular aspects about your brand that separate your name from others
  3. Coalition with other marketers or business owners

Identifying these KPIs and enhancing them will provide a safeguard to your brand. Not only that, but it can help you elevate other aspects of your brand, turning them into additional KPIs. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on your promotional objectives.


We come to it at last, the primary aspect of content marketing. So much so that the marketing approach itself is named after it. Once you have policies and research out of the way, the type of content you make decides the type of success you get. Therefore, comprehend your respective industry’s needs before diving right into writing content.

According to Wikipedia Writing Services, over 65% of the content marketers struggle with making fresh content. Stale and boring content is the death of any marketing strategy, so it is important to keep the above-mentioned features in mind. Identify the type of content you should write for each platform. For example, separate for social media and vastly different for your website.


These are the primary aspects and key players in making a successful marketing strategy in the current age. There is no perfect formula to devise one impeccable strategy or policy, however, you can ensure the quality of your work. These foundational elements can help you plant your foot firmly in the market. Additionally, they can also help you create strong brand recognition if executed in the right way. Therefore, consider all these facets of content marketing before you devise your own

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