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How Unconscious Bias Training Works to Help Your Organisation

Bias Training Works

Unconscious bias is a deeply-ingrained tendency that influences our behaviours, decisions and choices in subtle but powerful ways. Unconscious Bias Training Works to Help Your Organisation

Every one of us makes presumptions based on skewed perceptions and most of the time, we’re not even aware of this. Biases can be based on age differences, skin colour, ethnicity, physical appearance, marital or parental status, disabilities, educational background, foreign accents and much more.

For instance, a manager may subconsciously only assign out-of-town sales calls to single and childless employees assuming others may want to attend to parental responsibilities instead. Biases often work in favour of certain individuals to the detriment of others and can gradually seep into the culture of the most progressive organisations.

Symmetra’s unconscious awareness bias training can help you challenge lifelong beliefs and assumptions and become more self-aware about your own biases. Our skills, tools and techniques help you counter inner biases on a fundamental level and change old, stubborn perceptions and mindsets.

Unconscious Bias and Business Impact

When business decisions are based on unconscious bias, they can and often do have an enormous impact on the diverse and inclusive culture of the company.

Unconscious biases shape our views about the people we encounter and interact with on a daily basis. While unconscious bias (also called implicit bias) is not associated with malicious intentions, it drives us to stereotype and judge people without even realising it.

Unfortunately, when unconscious bias goes unaddressed, it can impact every aspect of your organisation and leave you far behind the competition in terms of growth, performance and productivity. 

Unconscious bias training initiatives can help leaders, teams and employees understand and minimise insensitive assumptions, uncivil responses and disrespectful behaviour. Poorly planned unconscious bias training can be accusatory in its approach and undermine the very objectives that it sets out to achieve.

It’s important that the facilitator is experienced in addressing a variety of workplace diversity issues. Trainers must be able to explain the psychology behind unconscious bias and relate it to everyday workplace scenarios so employees are able to appreciate the effects.

Symmetra offers fun, innovative and gamified unconscious bias training that will keep your employees and teams engaged every step of the way. As leading D & I consultants, our HR specialists tailor-make online training programmes to align with your unique organisational and human resource requirements.

Three Primary Stages of Unconscious Bias Online Training

We now discuss the three stages of effective unconscious bias training and how these can support diversity initiatives.

  1. Awareness

Sensitivity training is effective only when there is awareness of existing issues that need addressing. There are several reliable tests and modalities that help highlight deeply hidden biases in our psyche.

While uncovering our blind spots, we also need to normalise discussions about prejudice and biases. This helps eliminate some of the defensiveness and stigma surrounding the need for bias training.

2. Ongoing and Consistent

It’s impossible to change longstanding stereotypes, perceptions, biases and behaviours with just one day of training. In order to capitalise on the multiple benefits of unconscious bias training, it has to be delivered over a long period of time in order to support sustainable changes.

Flexible and Adaptable Approach

Every organisation has its own set of challenges to deal with in terms of biases, unacceptable behaviours and skewed decision-making. It’s important to anticipate situations that are likely to intensify biases and eliminate undesirable responsible responses. 

Contact us today for our targeted unconscious bias online training programmes designed to promote employee wellbeing and business benefits. Get the Symmetra advantage for your company and transform diversity and inclusion benefits into improved productivity and better bottom lines.

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