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Importance of security testing for an organisation

Importance of security testing for an organisation

Validation is the process of checking that what has been specified is what the user actually wanted. Validation in security testing provides final assurance that the software meets all functional, behavioural and performance requirements. Usually, Black-box testing is used for this activity.

However, even the most advanced testing tools and the best intentions can be stifled without an effective framework in place for planning, executing, and managing the testing process. testing genes have evolved best practices which are used in implementing an effective application testing process that can transform scarce testing resources into reusable test assets – which will allow to:

  • Reduce Test Cycle Times
  • Reduce rework effort with proven methodologies
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase Quality of deliverables
  • Increase code coverage
  • Improve test coverage
  • Improve Testing Efficiency
  • Promote Reusability and Automation of Test Cases / Test Scripts
  • Increase Visibility of the Testing Process

Opportunity is about growth.

We are always looking for people with talent, enthusiasm and experience to contribute to the growth of our company. Able to deliver challenging Assignments under pressure and possess excellent communication skills.

Why work at testing genes Outsourcing Services?

Attesting genes, we help people come together with purpose and passion, to achieve extraordinary things. This passion has led our technical and support resources to rank among the best in the industry.

What do we offer?

We offer glorious opportunities for skilled growth, a competitive compensation package, and extremely cooperative work surroundings, international project exposure with limitless opportunities to figure with our purchasers. This ensures that you just get a large array of opportunities betting on the match between your aspirations and competencies and also the organization’s necessities.

At TestingGenez, we are there to help you meet your testing needs – and then we go away until you need us again. Which could be next week, next month or next year. Using our QA On-Demand, you never have to worry about “over hiring” or “under hiring.”

We help small and start-up companies develop test cases and execute manual testing. We use experienced, local testers that can communicate effectively to meet your needs.

We can show up to pitch in during your crunch time, or we can help you build your testing group from the ground up.


• Reduce QA costs by paying for only what you need

• Let your developers get back to developing

• Improve the quality of your tests and test execution

• Get an independent opinion of your product quality

• Establish testing best practices


Got an important release that is behind schedule and cutting into testing time? Need to assure an investor or customer that your product is being tested thoroughly? Need to create some test cases or related documentation in a hurry? Have to create a testing group from scratch but don’t know what to do?

Hiring a full-time tester, paying them benefits and giving them space and equipment can really add up. And after all of that, there can be a lot of downtime in testing. Don’t pay for someone just to warm a chair half the month!

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