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Path of Exile – How to Gain XP in PoE Fast


There are a few handy ways to bump up your XP in PoE.

It isn’t just about getting copious amounts of PoE currency in order to get us to the endgame quicker. If you want to really breeze through Path of Exile as quickly as possible, then you’re going to need XP and lots of it. There are ways in which we can gain XP at a faster rate, though it’s going to make a change in playstyle for many. With the following hints, you should be reaching level 100 shortly.

Increase Your Movement

We shall start with one of the most important points to make. The faster we move, the quicker we’re going to reach our XP goals. There are a variety of ways to obtain movement bonuses that will speed things up for us.

The first way is to purchase items, potentially on PoE Trade, that will buff your speed. An alternative to this would be using skills that are based on your movement as well. If you have a Seven-League Step, then you can increase your movement speed by 50%. This is something that should be able to be obtained if you have enough Exalted Orb or Chaos Orb.

If PoE a currency is tight, then simply craft fast boots instead. To do this, you can purchase a pair of normal boots, then sell them to a vendor with a Quicksilver Flask and an Orb of Augmentation. Doing this will grant you the Blue Movement Speed Boots. Every time that you do this you’ll receive an additional movement speed of 5%.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Even as a new player, you’re soon going to learn that your predominant goal in Path of Exile is to kill many, many monsters. As you are progressing and gaining new skills, it can be tempting to want to spend your time annihilating everything in your wake. Your main priority is to clear the map, then you don’t necessarily have to pick apart every opponent.

Get Used to Dying

Even when you do pick the right battles, you can still expect to perish several times. It’s the nature of the beast if you’re going to be rushing your way through the game as such to get XP as quickly as we can. The likelihood is that you’re going to be running a character that isn’t a high enough level in some areas, at which point it’s common to die.

Even so, it’s not something that you need to worry about just yet. The point where you do need to start taking the amount that you’re dying seriously is when you reach level 80. From this point, the amount of XP that you are gaining is affected by the amount of times that you are dying.

Passive Skills

Choosing your nodes is important too. You can bring up the quests that offer you passive skill points by entering the command “/passive” into the chat box. This will also allow you to pick the quests that are really necessary to you. If there’s a quest that you’re planning on doing that may be really long without the necessary rewards in return, then you may as well skip it.

This is where things might get a bit confusing. This is looking at a tip that will help you to gain XP fast, but not necessarily rush you to 100. After all, it does involve skipping quests so you may not be expecting to reach the heights of level 100 using this method anyway. That being said, you can still skip quests and build a strong character, meaning you should focus on the quests that are really going to be beneficial to you.

Research Build Guides

The PoE community has many build guides available for you to check out and see what will work best for you. Path of Exile certainly has a steep learning curve to it, especially where builds are concerned. This tends to trip a lot of new players up since they begin to try out builds that require better skills or higher levels.

There’s a wealth of league starter builds that you can check out and absorb the information from. It will save you a lot of time and effort too since you won’t have to play around with the skills and such to make the best build. With a league starter build, you will have a list of what you need and where you need to be able to acquire it. Just be sure to have enough PoE currency if you need to spend on your build.

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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