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The BestReputations to Earn with in WoW TBC


The following factions are looking to offer you some great additions to your inventory.

WoW TBC has several ways to advance through the game whilst accruing as many benefits as you possibly can. Whilst getting plenty of WoW TBC Classic gold is going to go a long way or finding the right TBC items to aid your progression, there’s also a reputation to work on. This is a big part of the TBC expansion, providing its players with a way to get mounts, earn gold, and more.      

Cenarion Expedition

It would make sense to start off the list with one of the earlier factions that you can get reputation with. You’re looking at many quests, dungeons and daily activities to do with this faction, and you will notice that it’s actually quests that are one of the best ways for you to earn rep as a whole.

The Zandarmash dungeons are good to start with for reputation, before following on with the quests in other locations such as Terrokar Forest and Hellfire Peninsula.

Aldor and TBC Scryers

Whilst you’re going through your typical Burning Crusade power leveling and earning TBC gold, there’s a wealth of different reputations that you can work with along the way. A couple of directions to take come from Aldor and Scryers. With a faction like these, you will be able to get recipes for your professions and enchants. The quests are worth looking at to get that reputation to where it needs to be.


A more-broad choice would be Consortium, which you will find out around the Outland location. Whilst their gear offerings aren’t exactly up to scratch, you can still find a lot of uses from them. This is especially true if you are working on Jewelcrafting, which is a new profession to arrive in the game. There are Consortium quests to be completed, or farm certain instances to garner reputation.

Keepers of Time

If you’ve visited the Caverns of Time, then you’ll be familiar with this faction. Out of those in the game, the Keepers of Time tend to be much simpler to gain a reputation for, thanks to it being available from the likes of the Black Morass dungeon, as well as the Old Hillsbrad Foothills too. The attunements that become available for this later down the lines are very important, especially if you’re planning on doing Heroic dungeons.


These two reputations are optional for you to earn when reaching the endgame. With Sha’Tar. You can use the area in which it’s located in Shattarath City to start making your way through The Burning Crusade. Your main priority is to complete the quests and keep up with your dungeon running. As for Sha’Tari, you will be able to gather up Nether Rays to grind your rep, as well as the usual quests. They will be able from level 70, at which point you’ll need to use daily activities to get the reputation up.


This is a great choice for you to get a reputation with. If you have been considering finding somewhere that has the option for you to buy WoW TBC gold to get the amount, then you should check out this faction first. You will be able to gain access to mounts that have 310% flight speed, which is a massive score for many players.

To grind reputation for this, you will have to start questing in Shadowmoon Valley. Go through the quests to get your rep back up to the neutral, after which we then need to start learning to get the Master Riding skill. This will set you back 5000 gold to get the desired 280% flying speed, which is a massive grind to get to. That said, we do require it if we want to do get to the Netherwing Ledge.


Talbuk mounts are available to players who get enough rep out of these two factions. Since getting mounts is a common goal for players, this is a good choice of reputation to start building up. They are based in Nagrand, and the rep that you are going for isn’t mandatory. It is useful if you happen to be a collector of these mounts, and there are some decent TBC items to be found along the way.

Any of these factions will serve you well by gaining rep with them. You should remember that if you really want to get ahead to where you’d like to be, you could opt for going to buy WoW TBC accounts too. This will help you to bypass all of that WoW TBC power leveling if you’re looking to avoid such aspects of the game.

Have you tried grinding for WoW TBC reputations with any of these factions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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