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Naruto Shippuden filler List – Episodes Guide

Naruto Shippuden filler List

There are a thousand ways to make a perfect filler episode for your Naruto Shippuden filler List. This is actually one of my very favorite anime series that I have ever watched. There are episodes and clips for every episode that has been aired so far. There are many filler episodes that were not made available on television. I have listed some of my favorite Naruto Shippuden filler List that you should watch.

The first Naruto Shippuden filler list

Episodes 101 and 102 – The first Naruto Shippuden filler List I will be showing is the second season. It introduces a new main character, Kaguzaemon (Kazuma No Tenko) who joined Team 10 to search for the legendary Sage of Water. After a brief introduction where Kaguzaemon gets introduced, the next episode begins with Naruto and his five students entering a sewer. Here we get to see the first few encounters with Kaguzaemon’s partner, Uchuha Madara. Unfortunately, they are easily defeated by Naruto and his friends. Afterwards, they learn that the sage is actually a shadow-user and they have to help Naruto save the village.

Episodes 4 and 5 – This Naruto Shippuden filler List is dedicated to the second half of the season. The first episode of the season introduces new characters such as Toneri, Rock Lee, and Chopper. After some quick introductions we see Naruto and his new partner, Yoruichi Shihoin, go to a training ground where they are attacked by Daruma. Daruma is after the Five Dragon Force, which Naruto and Toneri had been investigating, and in the process, he managed to lose his arm.

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Luckily, a new girl.

Luckily, a new girl named Mura ogasawara shows up and is able to save them. Later she and Naruto were able to stop Daruma by using a genjutsu, and Naruto was able to save Mura. Meanwhile, Toneri went on a different mission with the mask of the legendary Sage of Water, Kuchiki Byakuya. The two of them saved many people including the village of Konoha. Later they got defeated by the mysterious organisation called the Pain.

Episodes 6 through 11 – As per the manga and anime series, Naruto Shippuden filler List start with a battle between Naruto and Pain. Here we see some interesting fights between the two. This was the first fight between Naruto and Pain since the start of the series. After the battle, Pain managed to escape. However, Naruto and the others were able to save the village.

Episodes 12 through 16 – After dealing with Pain, Naruto and the others start to search for clues as to where Pain went. In the manga and anime, we see that Naruto took a vacation and went on a journey, seeking to locate the village where he encountered Pain. While on this journey, they encounter Madara and a giant Konoha symbol. The Konoha symbol causes Naruto to have an intense power boost and defeat Madara. Afterwards, Madara is badly injured and Naruto uses his sand with great skill to heal Madara and save the village.

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completing the first half anime series

Episodes 17 through 22 – After completing the first half of the anime series, Naruto and the others go to New York City to defeat the Shikoha suitors. During the battle, Madara absorbs the power of the fox into himself which allows him to fully control his body and use Tobi. Tobi is able to overpower Naruto and Madara who in turn fights Tobi. Tobi is able to defeat Naruto and Madara thus the last fight between them occurs. In the manga, the fight takes place inside the Konoha base.

Episodes 23 through 26 – After the battle, Tobi goes back to Konoha and gives Madara a chance to escape. After this, Tobi becomes a Senbonzakura supporter which allows him to control the metal. Tobi later joins Uchuha Madara’s forces but is defeated again by Naruto. When Madara is trapped inside the infinite time barrier, Tobi’s Metal Jelly fist is able to trap him. With the help of a mysterious boy named Uchihime Mokuzaemon, Tobi is able to break Madara out of the barrier and return him to his own timeline.

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