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8 Workers’ Comp Claim Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that in 2020 over 40 million net premiums were written out for worker’s comp? Injured employees are responsible for informing their employer of the injury and submitting a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, it’s a complicated procedure, and too often than not, there are workers’ comp claim mistakes.

If you’re an employer, it’s your duty to ensure any of your injured workers have the best chances in their claim. If not, the result could be the injured worker receiving compensation that’s either too low or refused altogether.

Both employees and employers need to file claims in the case of an employee injury. Here are eight workers’ comp claim mistakes you should take note of as an employer.

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Failure to Put Injured Workers’ Needs First

As an employer, you are responsible for your employee’s well-being. Of course, it’s essential to file the paperwork and start the claim process. It’s also critical to demonstrate care and empathy in this scenario.

Contact the wounded worker as soon as possible and keep in touch with them throughout the rehabilitation process. Keep in mind that workers are a company’s most important asset, and bosses must treat them as such.

If you fail to take care of your employees in this way, your company could begin to gain a bad reputation. So if you’re going to commit to your employee’s welfare, see beyond the claim.

Not Looking at the Full Injury Report

Even though a tiny percent of workers’ compensation claims are false, you should acquire all relevant information as an employer. Examine what went wrong with the employees who observed the event. Also, keep track of their accounts.

Review video footage and save it as evidence if feasible. You will have a better understanding of what happened but will also discover what safety processes you need to improve. This way, you can work to prevent future accidents.

Taking Too Long to File the Claim

Most of the time, taking too long to file a claim is because employers don’t understand the claim filing process. Aim to hand claim papers to your employees within 24 hours of the reported occurrence.

The employer is responsible for timely reporting. This means you need to gather all relevant information fast. This often includes personal information such as the employee’s hire date, social security number, and payroll history. You must provide it to the workers’ compensation carrier within the state’s specified time frame.

Misunderstanding State Requirements

Misunderstanding claim submission requirements in your particular state can cause problems.

When submitting a workers’ compensation claim, each state has its own set of rules and laws. Therefore, employers should be aware of these requirements before beginning the process.

For example, let’s say your company is in Florida. In this case, there are specific rules and regulations in Florida, so click here for more info. Again, having this info already researched will give you the upper hand if an employee injury does occur.

Not Having a Return to Work Program

Both the company and the wounded employee benefit from a return to work (RTW) program. These programs allow injured workers to return to work gradually. This is even if they are unable to complete their pre-injury tasks.

It also gives them financial stability, keeps them socially engaged, and allows them to keep their talents sharp. Employers benefit from an RTW program because it lowers workers’ compensation expenses, reduces turnover, and maintains workplace productivity.

Employee Fails to See the Designated Doctor

Injured employees need to see the designated doctor for their claim to be able to go through. Either you or the workers’ compensation insurer should select this doctor.

For an evaluation and treatment, the relevant employee must see this doctor. Their reports will be crucial in dealing with the case. Neglect to do this will result in the claim becoming dismissed.

Of course, an injured worker can also see their doctor, but this is not a substitute for seeing their primary care physician. If the employee is dissatisfied with the doctor you assigned, they can request authorization to visit another doctor from their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Injured Workers Not Disclosing Full Info

You may well follow all the claim submission requirements, along with your injured worker. However, if the employee withholds some crucial information, they might not get the claim they deserve.

There are many reasons why an employee might do this. They could be too proud or maybe embarrassed about something. Either, the more supportive you are as a boss, the better chances they’ll have of filling out their claim with all the info.

Not Following Doctor’s Instructions

Your employee’s claim’s treating doctor will submit papers to the Workers’ Compensation Commission. They will detail their treatment and recovery. The Commission may reject your employee’s claim or cancel it if they discover that they are not following the doctor’s instructions.

Injured workers should Attend all of their doctor’s visits, including physical therapy treatments. Missing appointments is a typical blunder that leads to claim issues.

Your worker’s personal doctor may disagree with the doctor of record’s treatment plan. If so, the worker must request a hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Commission for a decision. It might also be in their interest to hire a workers’ comp lawyer to help them with their task.

Typical Workers’ Comp Claim Mistakes

In this post, we took the perspective of what an employer should look out for with workers’ comp claim mistakes. However, the advice in this post is relevant for employees to consider as well.

The best course of action with workers’ comp claim mistakes has to be solid preparation. Also, if an accident or injury occurs, excellent communication between boss and worker is a must.

Thanks for checking out this post. For more informative reads, please browse our blog.

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