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Need For Psychometric Tests For Recruiting Candidates


In the modern-day, the Psychometric Tests have been transforming the recruitment process all throughout the organizations. The use of psychometric tools is a much more efficient option for recruiting possible candidates efficiently. These are also the most reliable and consistent methods.PsychometricIn the modern-day, the Psychometric Tests have been transforming the recruitment process all throughout the organizations. The use of psychometric tools, it is a much more efficient option for recruiting possible candidates efficiently. These are also the most reliable and consistent methods.

These help to measure various traits, including Communication Style, Aptitude, emotional intelligence, and more. It helps to analyze the candidate upfront and gives a clear picture of the candidate. It is also one of the strong gauges for a specific position or role.

Key Benefits Of Psychometric Tests In Recruitment:

The Psychometric assessments are the perfect option for the hiring process for your organization. Using the psychometric test lets you easily gain job satisfaction, and robust succession planning along with the lower staff turnover. 

Psychometric assessments ensure hiring the right personnel for the company in a unique manner. You may find a lot of benefits to using psychometric tools for your recruitment purposes. 

Understanding People During Recruitment:

With the use of this ultimate strategy, it is an easier option to know about the candidate and saves more time. Psychometric testing is helpful for managers to understand how the candidate behaves in the workplace. 

The main reason is that they focus on behaviour as well as the personality of the person. These also extensively provide the right data indicating the preferred communication styles.

Identifying Leadership Potential:

One of the key determinants of leadership potential is the leadership assessment tests. These are helpful for determining whether the candidate would be the future leader of the organization or not. 

So they could easily support the growth of the organization. Insight about the candidate also lets the recruiter inform 121s where progression could be the crucial aspect of the discussion.

Testing General Intelligence Of Candidates:

Normally, Psychometric assessments would be a suitable option to explore aptitude as well as the ability of the candidate to measure intelligence levels. The process is also a suitable option to measure the cognitive ability of the candidate to pick a new skill.

Types Of Psychometric Tests:

In the modern-day, there are a wide number of psychometric tests conducted. These tests are used to measure the specific aptitude or skill, but others delve deeply into the particular traits. These tests appear in various formats, but they are divided into two types.

  • Personality Profiling
  • Cognitive Testing

Personality Profiling:

Recruiters use the personality profiler tests for matching the score of potential candidates against the job specifications as well as competencies for ascertaining job suitability. 

Normally, there is no perfect answer in the personality tests, so the individual’s responses would imply based on the personality attributes. The recruitment process is also processed with personality profiling, so they are suitable for implementation after assessing the job-specific skills.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

The MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a popular psychometric test that has been widely used across the world. The MBTI test assesses individuals on different parameters and these include the

  • Introversion or extroversion
  • Thinking or feeling
  • Sensing or intuition
  • Judging or perceiving

The majority of Fortune 500 companies made new hires using these MBTI tests. These are suitable for ensuring the right candidate for the job. It is one of the best types of psychometric tests useful for identifying the candidates’ intrinsic preferences. 

These are also suitable options for self-awareness and perfect for job selection. HR professionals can easily use these MBTI results for selecting the candidate and save more time in the process.

16PF Questionnaire:

The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire is the brainchild of a psychologist that is especially based on the 16 traits that humans possess. These psychometric-based tests comprise more than 170 questions from questions, and they are suitable for identifying how the candidate could tackle a particular situation in the workspace.


One of the assessment tools for the recruiting team is the DISC. Assessment tool especially enables easily identifying four behavioural traits such as the

  • Dominance (D)
  • Inducement (I)
  • Submission (S)
  • Compliance (C)

Normally, these behaviour traits help to extensively categorize the individuals allowing the people-centric or even the task-centric. Many companies utilize DISC assessment to extensively filter out good employees and hope to easily improve their personality traits in a unique manner. The tool is best suited for addressing the situations involving the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

Aptitude Tests:

Cognitive Tests or Aptitude Tests are the types of psychometric tests which is a suitable option for evaluating cognitive abilities or even intelligence. These are based on a combination of verbal and spatial abilities and numerical skills. The test would be suitable for testing the core brain functions that include memory, speed, and attention.

Numerical Reasoning Assessment:

Many organizations are looking for a candidate who is good at interpreting, analyzing as well as drawing conclusions based on numerical data. A numerical reasoning test is a perfect option for evaluating the test takers about the skills. 

These are also suitable for employers to identify the right person and find the right solution for critical business challenges. The assessment test also comprises the questions on ratios, statistics, graph interpretation, and percentages.

Logical Reasoning Assessment:

The psychometric test easily allows the candidates’ inductive along with deductive reasoning skills. These tests are another type of psychometric test presented in the non-verbal format. It is suitable for examining the candidate based on critical thinking abilities to decipher numerical pattern-based questions.

How Can Mercer | Mettl Help?

Mercer | Mettl is the trusted psychometric test provider providing the ultimate online platform. These allow the recruiters as well as the organization to measure candidates’ abilities in numerous domains. These empower recruiters to make well-informed decisions.


Psychometric tools are suitable options for providing better objectives along with measurable data for the managers. This informed decision would be suitable for quick hiring to a great extent. The Psychometric Assessment involves a unique skill assessment test for exploring the aptitude and measuring the candidate’s intelligence.

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